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We all know how stressful it becomes when we have to carry that hateful heavy luggage on our back while cycling or riding a bike. Yes our back hurts and it somewhere hampers that excitement of our ride.

I’ve personally encountered various scenarios of dilemmas where I’d even reconsidered my choice of traveling! Yes that’s how bad it became. 

Best Pannier Backpack

But then I came across it! The gift to mankind and the advancement of human innovations (may God bless them). I came across Pannier backpacks. I was amazed at how this one tweak of innovation vanishes my problems for good. Yes, let’s see what pannier backpack actually does. It’s pretty simple actually. It converts into a backpack or pannier whenever you please. 

This simple development ensures that it can act as a pannier when you’re riding and as a backpack when you’re walking. These conversions as per our convenience have led to a lot of appreciation from all segments of people including the travel enthusiasts who don’t have to carry the load on their back anymore while cycling. 

The features of Pannier Backpack are equally awesome:

1. It makes sure your comfort isn’t compromised.

2. Innovative designs include hidden clips on the rack as well as comfortable backpacks which don’t cause discomfort in vision when you look back or on your back in general. 

3. It’s handy and easy to use. What else do you need?

But do not be too quick to make your call. Before getting your cool pannier backpack to check certain aspects which consist of its durability, whether or not they’re comfortable, are all the equipment attached functional and comforting?

If you’re a traveler then give importance to it being waterproof and is it compatible with you in general? Think about these aspects and only then make your call. 

Now that being said, let’s look at the best pannier backpacks! 

1. Banjo Brothers Convertible Backpack Pannier

Banjo Brothers truly took a lot of effort into designing the backpack/carrier keeping in mind about the people who’ll use it. They went for a touch of waterproofing the bag, comforts are attached/detach actions and a comforting vibe when it’s worn on the back. Also with the availability of an ample amount of pockets.  Its durability is something that cannot be ignored.

So in a way, it’s a good investment as well. The inside of the bag is very spacious with no sectional divisions which can be a plus point if you put things in a hurry. However it must be known that the two outer pockets are not exactly fully waterproof. Banjo Brothers Convertible Backpack Panniers is kept in 1st position in our list of best pannier backpacks.

Check it here:- 

Banjo Brothers Waterproof Pannier
  • 1000 cubic inch capacity (14" H x 12" L x 7" W)
  • Rugged 840 denier nylon outer layer with welded-seam waterproof liner
  • Durable and convenient roll-top closure
  • Adjustable quick-attach elastic attachment
  • 360 degree reflective accents

2. Arkel Bug Pannier Backpack

It is indeed sturdy no doubt and your stuffs will be pretty safe in the bag considering the thoughtful presence of extra clip.  However there are certain places where this bag proves to be quite average and those places include the occasional poking of hooks on your bsck.

However it is comforting in terms of hooking on and off the bike and the storage capacity is something to talk about as it’s various spacious as well.

Visit the website: Arkel Bug Pannier Backpack

3. Blackburn Wayside Backpack Pannier

It is a cool looking back with commending styles especially the waxed canvas. It is designed thoughtfully like creating a compartment for a laptop near the base of the bag.

It is also to be noted that there are Velcro straps rather than standard hooks so it might take a bit longer to attach and detach. However it is completely secure owing to the strap’s durability. Also water webbing pouches are present on both sides of the bag. Blackburn Wayside Backpack Panniers is kept in 3rd position in our list of best pannier backpacks.

Blackburn Wayside Bike Backpack & Pannier
  • Velcro pannier straps
  • Backpack straps fold into integrated zipper pouch
  • Waxed canvas, 2 organizational compartments, Interior mesh
  • Water resistant
  • 19 L

4. Two Wheel Gear Pannier Backpack Convertible 1.1

A rather costly backpack but if you consider the ROI, it’s totally worth it!  It is exceedingly stylish, quality of the material is something to be impressed of, and also in terms of functionality, it works the best.  Give it a try!

Two Wheel Gear - Pannier Backpack Convertible - 2-in-1 Bike Commuting and Travel Bag
  • Quickly converts from bike pannier to technical backpack
  • Durable, weatherproof materials and includes fluorescent, reflective rain cover
  • Integrated reflective design for night visibility
  • 22 Litre capacity with 15 inch laptop sleeve, phone pocket, U-Lock pocket, 2 water bottle pockets
  • Ideal for commuting, touring, travel, work, school, outdoors

5. NorthSt Bags Woodward Pannier Backpack

This bag comes with a lifetime warranty and is also handmade with easy conversions of simply tucking straps into a flap. However it’s not advisable for low rides as they hang quite low. 

Visit the website: NorthSt Bags Woodward Pannier Backpack

6. Ortlieb Vario Pannier Backpack

Ortlieb is a known and trustworthy brand and so is its pannier backpack. It’s waterproof. Also it gives you the choice of two different clamping choices. Ortlieb pannier backpack is comfortable in terms of the backpack as well and the straps are hidden with ease. Also it is durable. 

Visit the website: Ortlieb Vario Pannier Backpack

7. Altura Morph Pannier Backpack

Spacious to fit a lot of things in the bag, comfortable as well and the angled pannier makes sure that there is absolutely 100% clearance and no chance of hitting the heels accidentally.

Very cleverly designed indeed. The KLICKfix™ hook makes sure that no time is wasted in placing and removing onto pannier racks. 

Altura Morph Backpack, Black, 22 Litre
  • Innovative 2 in1 design combining pannier and backpack
  • KLICKfix Vario Hook fitting
  • Angled pannier mounting for high heel clearance
  • Protective laptop and tablet sleeves. Fits up to 15" laptops
  • Internal organiser

8. Timbuk2 Deploy Convertible Backpack Pannier

Its style and design adds value to it. It is very spacious and in terms of usage quite comfortable with no time consumptions in understanding its clipping mechanisms. Also it is waterproof and will make sure that all the articles in the bag is dry even though it rained rather heavily. 

No products found.

9. Ibera Bike Pannier Backpack

Its styling is worth praising along with its cost which is very effective actually. Conversion once again is pretty simple however it’s not waterproof so it’s advisable to not travel with it during the rains. 

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10. VAUDE Cycle 28 Backpack

Vaude pannier backpack contains removable mounting clips and its design is worth presenting along with its efficiency in operating under both the conditions of backpack and pannier. Simple folding of the back panel towards up will show padded shoulder straps, keeping in mind the comfort. 

Check it out: 

VAUDE Cycle 28 Backpack, Black Uni, One Size
  • Quickly removable
  • Portable as a backpack
  • Environmentally friendly main Material
  • Brand: Vaude
  • Material: 100% polyester

11. Outer Shell Adventure

This bag is what people will call cool. It simply consists of two removable compression straps, padded backpack, Velcro closure and Vinyl lining which makes it waterproof. Features can be added to the bag as well which again is a plus point. The bag’s size can be changed as well! 

Visit the website:  Outer Shell Adventure

12. Roswheel 2 IN 1 Pannier Backpack.

This bag can be used as both pannier or a backpack depending upon the user’s wish. The straps can be put in the bag when it’s in the pannier mode. Another feature is the presence of a notebook compartment.

Visit the website: Roswheel 2 IN 1 Pannier Backpack

13. Richard Jones Classic Convertible Pannier Backpack

Richard Jones designed this pannier backpack with the provision of hiking bag options which convert. It is very easy to use, flexible and provides a cherishable experience to the users. 

Visit the website: Richard Jones Classic Convertible Pannier Backpack

14. WOHO Ninja Ninja

This bag wins the prize of uniqueness from all the other backpack’s hands down. Its creativity is what makes it different from every other bags. 

Visit the website:   WOHO Ninja Ninja

15. Lone Peak Glacier Peak

The bag comes with a promise of saving your articles from getting wet in the rain and till date the bag has stood by its word. It is made in USA keeping in mind the durability as well as the comfort of the user’s which made them to focus on keeping the weight light as well. It’s very easy to use with little to no efforts.

Lone Peak Glacier Peak Pannier Plus Backpack System (Single Unit)
  • Constructed in the USA from water-resistant 1000 D heavy duty nylon and Coverlight tarpaulin patches
  • Technical backpack easily converts to pannier system that attaches to all bike rack systems
  • Loc-On pannnier rack clips, compression straps, and bungee attachment is secure on all bike racks
  • Includes 15” x 10” laptop sleeve, mesh padded back, adjustable shoulder straps, 4 external pockets
  • Dimensions: 12” L x 5” W (unfilled) x 18” H; Volume 1000 cu in; Weight 1lb 14 oz.

16. Anhaica Bag Works Waxed Canvas Convertible Backpack Pannier

Anhaica is a store whish specializes in the sales of pannier backpacks and they focus on the looks, and usage of the bag which is rationally sound. 

Visit the website:  Anhaica Canvas Convertible Backpack Pannier

17. Fairweather 2-WAY

Its styling is something worth noting as does its comforts. However in terms of expenses it tilts towards the higher side. Fairweather backpack panniers are bit expensive.

Visit the website: Fairweather 2-WAY


1. Are Pannier backpacks comfortable in terms of usages?

Yes definitely they are. Pannier backpacks focus on your overall comfort when you’re out on your rides. It ensures that you get to carry your load in the way you wish it to. 

2. Are all of them waterproof ?

It cannot be said that all of them are waterproof but a majority of them are water-resistant. Some of the bags are definitely waterproof as mentioned in the article.

3. Which one of the pannier backpack mentioned above is the best?

Well, all of them are best in their own ways. It really depends on your set of priorities. Some might prefer cost as one of the factors, some might go with space while some might go with waterproofing. Nevertheless, all of them specializes in some of these parameters so you must choose your bag as per your requirements.

4. What should I consider as the most important thing before buying a pannier backpack?

You must consider compatibility as the foremost parameter. Is the pannier backpack compatible with your bike? Second, you should consider either the cost or quality. Whether both of them are in favour with your requirements. Analyze the type of tour you’re about to undertake and then choose as per that.

5. Is having a costly pannier backpack indicative of a higher quality?

I wouldn’t say that. There are some pannier backpacks which are quite good even though economically cheaper. Yes it’s true that costlier pannier backpacks surely provide you with high-quality material but that doesn’t mean that the cheaper ones are less good. The best thing you can do is to give it all a check and decide which one suits you.


So all in all these are some best pannier bags you must look into if you suffer from the stress of carrying the load on your back while cycling or carrying the pannier while walking.

All of them specialize in certain places so the best thing you can do is see whether they’re ticking all the points of your checklist. Go check it out! You can also check out for more cycle-related product reviews here.

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