Best Bike Touring Shoes🥾|Top Shoes For Bike Touring 2020🚴‍♀️

Use Best Bike Touring Shoes for making your Trip a Memorable One.

Best Bike Touring Shoes

What’s the point of all those beautiful tours, witnessing sunset, undertaking various adventures if you do not possess the best bike touring shoes available? Yes since you’re going to travel a lot it becomes a task to keep your feet to its best possible condition.

So here we’re going to talk about various touring shoes which will make sure that your trip is a successful one and you’ll enjoy to the fullest. 

However one shouldn’t be too quick in clicking the “buy” button without introspection. Shoes are one of those wears where choices differ a lot. So you need to make a clear map in your mind regarding the type of shoes you want, the type of journey you’ll undertake and of course the economic aspects. It shouldn’t be solely based on your likings.

It should be based more on the need. Like travel to mountains will demand hiking shoes and not some flat sandals. So you need to be very clear about it. The main parameters however cannot be ignored. There should be a provision of an ample amount of air passage through your feet and also durability is something that has to be considered.

You should also know while cycling that your journeys will include stops, sometimes traveling on foot, mounting, dismounting. So make your choice after considering everything on the checklist. Also, seasons should be considered before the purchase of the shoes. Anything to protect the foot. Always remember. 

However ultimately it all comes down on you to make a choice. Whether it’s durability or lightweight or ventilated or economically viable. These are places where you should think before making the choice which can make or break the rhythm of your journey and no joking, it really can break the fun of your bike tours if a wrong choice is made. 

Now having said all this, let’s get down to the type of touring shoes and see whether they cater to your needs.

1. Shimano XM7 & XM9

These shoes are considered as one of the best bike touring shoes you can ask for. The difference between XM7 and XM9 is the height to which they rise. One is a mid-level while the other is high level reaching till the ankle.

The shoes provide great comfort to its users and its sturdy nature protects your legs. The Gore-Tex Vibram sole touring shoes ensure that the mission of completing a trail, however difficult it might be, will be a success with complete protection to feet.

SHIMANO SH-XM7 Cycling Shoe - Men's
  • Upper Material: nubuck leather, [toe reinforcement] rubber
  • Lining: Gore-Tex Performance Comfort
  • Closure: laces, hook-and-loop strap
  • Sole: Vibram
  • Cleat Compatibility: 2-bolt

2. Evolv Cruzer

These are the type of shoes which can serve multi-purposes. It can be used as bike touring shoes or party wear as well. So at the cost of one, you’re getting two benefits.

So why not try it? However you may not be able to do an intense trek with this shoe. But for casual trekkers it’s completely awesome and recommended!

Evolv Men's Cruzer-M
  • Midsole: soft microporous
  • Lining: microfiber
  • Closure: laces
  • Upper Material: cotton canvas
  • Recommended Use: gettin' to the crag

3. Five Ten Freeriders Pro 

This shoe presented itself in the market in 2019 and took it by the storm. It’s a flat pedal shoe however the grip it provides is astonishingly marvelous.

Credit may go to its Stealth S1 rubber outsole. Once again it’s one of the best shoes for the bike touring. 

Five Ten Freerider Pro Mountain Bike Shoes Men's
  • Durable, lightweight EVA midsole
  • Fast-drying synthetic upper
  • Flat pedal bike shoe with added impact resistance

4. Keens Newport H2 & Rialto H2

Contrary to popular opinion a sandal isn’t necessarily a biking tour spoiler. Especially when the sandal is Keens Newport H2 & Rialto H2. Somewhere it is at par with the shoes. Ventilation here becomes one of the major advantages however the sole cleverly protects the toe from any harm.

A true masterpiece in terms of designs! The soles become the talks here. One should just remember to buy half a size bigger than the actual size of the feet. It might be due to the sole taking up a considerable area. No complaints though. 

KEEN Men's Newport H2 Sandal
  • Washable polyester webbing
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • Non-marking rubber outsole with razor siping sole
  • Platform measures approximately 1.5

5. Shimano SD5

More sandals for you! It is just as popular as Keens Newport especially when the challenge is bike touring. Ventilation is the same as that of Kerns except for the toe protection. However being less denser than the one above, it provides more comfort. 

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6. Scarpa Mojito GTX

Once again these shoes get an upper hand when it comes to durability and firm grip. Chances of you slipping on some wet, solid rock reduces optimistically and it’s available in different sizes for men and women. The Gore-Tex lets the shoe survive the harsh and wet conditions. 

7. Mavic Echappee Trail Elite

As the name suggests, it’s elite in its approaches in providing top comfort to its users. With larger area for feet and also ensuring that nothing wrong goes with your foot, this shoe proves to be a boon. It consist of lace and strap so you can adjust as per your convenience. The soles are designed to provide comfort irrespective whether you’re on or off the bike. 

For more details: 

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8. Shimano MT3 SPD

It’s a fun shoe meant for both walking and cycling and makes sure that you’re comfortable in both the aspects equally. 

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9. Lake Shoes MX 145

Here comes the winter! Specially designed for cold winters and chilling snow. It is quite spacious in terms of feet space and is an ideal choice for the enthusiasts or anyone needing to explore the region in harsh winter. No harm shall happen to your feet even if the shoe is worn for a long time, that’s the way of its design. 

Lake MX145 Cycling Shoe - Men's
  • Upper Material: waxed canvas, leather, waterproof membrane
  • Closure: dual IP1 BOA dials
  • Sole: Hypergrip Enduro Sole, Ice Lock anti-slip lug inserts
  • Cleat Compatibility: 2-bolt mountain
  • Recommended Use: mud/sand/snow

10. Five Ten Guide Tennie

This is a shoe which can withstand harsh conditions which involves long treks, climbing rocks and even scrambling if need arise. As it’s known for its durability it should be no surprise if I tell that it’s resistant to water as well. A must if you’re a passionate trekker. 

Five Ten Men's Guide Tennie Approach Shoes
  • Stealth C4 rubber outsole
  • Hand-ground beveled climbing toe
  • Ergonomic last design
  • Water-resistant nubuck leather upper
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole

11. Northwave Spider Plus 2

It is a biker touring shoe indeed but that’s not all. It’s a hybrid, the other parent being a hiking shoe. Its design makes it a party wear as well so it’s a combo of everything you can ask for. Technical aspects considering, its sole is designed to be an “anti-slip” with X-Crossbow Michelin sole. Now isn’t it a birthday gift? 

Visit the website:

12. Pearl Izumi X-Alp IV

Mesh dominates the ingredients of this shoe and we all know that this means blessed ventilation. It’s soft structure makes it an ideal shoe for users who frequently pedal and being soft will obviously point towards the possibility of being flexible and it is! If you’re not a person for whom the shoe’s looks come under the first priority, this is the shoe you’re looking for, of course if it’s fulfilling the requirements. 

Pearl iZUMi Men's X-Alp Seek IV Cyling Shoe
  • Please use the vendor size chart to determine the EU to US size conversion. Please be aware that there may be some inconsistencies in the US sizing conversion indicated in the shoe tongue label
  • the EU size is accurate, but the US conversion may not be.
  • P.R.O. 1:1 Anatomic buckle closure
  • Dual density EVA X-Alp outsole and midsole with firmer second density EVA between pedal and foot for off-the-bike cushioning and comfort and on-the-bike power transfer
  • Compatible with SPD and all Look pedal systems

13. Vibram Five Fingers

Sole shaped like fingers this shoe provides the required comforts to the fingers of your feet while making sure that your trek isn’t compromised. It is light, flexible, and ideal. However not the first choice for solely bike riding. But having relaxed feet after a long trek is surely an added bonus. 

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14. Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX

Brand of Adidas will surely mean a trustworthy product and this shoe doesn’t disappoint. Its lightweight cannot be ignored as a plus point and also it’s ideal for bike touring. The focus has been given on comfort while moving and the basic structure of this shoe provides that. The mesh will provide ventilation and breathability and the laces are designed as such that it won’t take much time just to tie them up. It’s like a gift to all those passionate trekkers out there. A perfect shoe. 

adidas Men's Terrex Swift R2 Gore-tex Hiking Shoe
  • Tackle the tricky terrain and wet weather with ease in the Terrex Swift R2 GTX® trail shoe from adidas® Outdoor.


1. What’s so special about these bike touring shoes?  

Well to begin with, they’re designed for bike tours. It’s common knowledge that bike tours are different than commuting. It involves some harsh conditions so having shoes designed to withstand such scenarios coupled with all the comforts is something worth checking at.

2. Are they durable?

Definitely. Bike touring shoes are made, keeping in mind about uneven and rough roads so you can expect them to be highly durable when put to test.

3. Are all bike touring shoes waterproof?

Not necessarily. But all of them surely will provide certain resistance to water. If they’re waterproof, it will be specifically mentioned under the product description you can check out.

4. Which one of them is the best?

It entirely is perceptive. It’s solely based on what you put as the foremost criterion of being the best. However, the shoes mentioned above are best in their own respective places and whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

5. Can they be used for normal road travels as well?

I can’t see why not. They can be definitely used for normal road travels as well. However some shoes might be slightly towards the heavier side but then again, you get to have it all.


These all were some of the best bike touring shoes that must be considered before actually making the choice of buying one. All of them are equally good at their respective points so you must check out the one which suits you the most. Browse through them, see the shoes which suit your trek and off you go! You can also check out for more cycle-related product reviews here.


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