Powerful Salsa Warbird Review 🚴‍♀️| King Of Gravel Racing Bike! No.1💯

Are you interested in knowing about those awesome racing bikes? Well, if yes then let me present you with the FIRST EVER racing bike which was designed for gravel. Salsa Warbird.

Salsa Warbird
Salsa Warbird

Awesomely designed in every aspect possible, this bike owns it. All the designs and structures are created keeping in mind the type of ride it’s supposed to undertake and today in 2020, Salsa Warbird dominates the market.
You get this bike in two forms. Either in Salsa Warbird Carbon Apex 1 or Salsa Warbird Carbon GRX 600. Both of them are awesome in their own ways.
As the names say, the framework is made up of carbon so you can expect lightweight and speed here. Also, the amount of comfort you get makes Salsa Warbird one of the best!
Roads are rough? No worries when this bike’s got your back.

Salsa Warbird

Salsa Warbird

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Salsa Warbird should be your choice if you want a bike for enjoying and indulging in a lot of adventures.
You also get many eyelets for mounting which I personally find very convenient. Basically everything about Salsa Warbird is cool.

What else?

Well, you also get a Vibration Reduction System here. What’s that? Well by the absorbing of harmful vibrations, this bike makes sure that the rider is totally comfortable and safe. Isn’t that’s what matters the most? Here you get vertical compliance and the horizontal chainstay with VRS resist pedaling torque ensuring comfort and efficiency. The entire geometry is meant for comfort.

Tell me more about these bikes.

Yes. The weight of carbon frameset is nearly 9.2 kg and the weight is something which ensures durability and stability here. Salsa makes improvements in its products every day and the Salsa Warbird you see in 2020 has been improved a lot since 2012 (the point of inception). Your gravel races will be awesome.

Well if we talk about the differences then I must say that it’s the gearing. GRX 600 is designed with Shimano RX600 while Apex 1 with SEAM Apex 1 X-Sync. In the former bike, you also get a drivetrain of 2×11 so you don’t need to fret about some steep climbing.

Okay. Tell me some awesome things I should know of!

Of course. You get an awesome cargo capacity when you have Salsa Warbird with you and the mounting options are too cool. So that’s the first of many awesome kinds of stuff you get here.
The structure is designed in a way so as to ensure maximum stability and speed when you’re out gravel racing so that’s there as well.
On each fork leg, you get three mounts which are awesome for easy carrying of bottles and important kinds of stuff.

The internal cables make sure that they stay undamaged so you get to enjoy a cool ride.
When you ride Salsa Warbird, you realize that your positioning while sitting is done on the basis of comfort and due care. Something very appreciative. The entire geometry is meant for gravel racing. It has taken care of basically everything.
Also, the 73° seat tube angle and 70 mm bottom bracket drop is very thoughtful.

The lower bottom bracket ensures high stability and you get to enjoy all the comforts. Also, you get a variety of frame sizes which is quite good as you get to make choices at your convenience.

What’s more?

You get to choose the tire sizes and they’re designed for travels too. When it comes to gravel racing, always know they Salsa Warbird is the one you should set out with.


1. Is Salsa Warbird the best of all?

I can’t say that as it would be disrespectful, however it’s surely one of the best.

2. Is Salsa Warbird durable since it’s made of carbon?

Yes, it is durable and designed keeping in mind about the gravel roads and gravel races.

3. Which one is better? Apex or GRX 600?

Both of them are better in their own ways. However GRX600 is better in some places and suitable for climbs with its gearing system.


Salsa Warbird is one of the best gravel race bikes. Period. You get all the features required for a successful adventure and I would definitely recommend you give these bikes a try because I’m very sure you’re not going to regret it. You can also check out for more cycle-related product reviews clicking here.

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