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Best Gravel Bike Pedals

Pedals are often not considered one of the foremost parameters for tours involving wild adventures and bumpy, mountainous roads. You need to understand that normal road pedals and pedals meant for tours, where you wear MTB shoes while pedaling two very different things Gravel Bicycle Pedals in 2022. As one of the few components that don’t come as standard with a new bike, pedals are likely to be one of the first investments you’ll need to make if you’re new to gravel riding.

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If you’re a gravel rider on some tour, no one can expect you to only be on your best flat pedals for gravel bike and walk nowhere. And when you indeed walk on those roads, anyone can deduce the kind of shoes you’d wear. So you must pedal with those shoes as well!

This again brings us to the kind of MTB pedals which are designed for that. Gravel cycle Pedals are different. They’re designed for adventures meant on-road terrains and wilderness. You get options of flat foredals, The best options for Gravel Bicycle Pedals for off-road riding, and clipless plus flat best lightweight flat road pedals (double-sided).

Now you might doubt the reason why you shouldn’t use normal road clipless pedals. Well maybe because it’s not meant for tours when you’re mounted with loads and wearing mountain shoes. So yes. This article will contain details about some of the best gravel cycle Pedals which you must check out once before you make your final buying. So let’s go.

Presenting You With Some Of The Best Gravel Bike Pedals (Clipless)

1. Shimano PD-M520

This clipless pedal looks very futuristic, well maybe it’s the design which screams that out. Anyways, this one offers you an awesome ROI with features that include SH51 SPD cleats for releasing tension. Weight is slightly on the higher side but that doesn’t mean anything as the features and the durability it provides along with easy foot space is something worth it.

What else? Well, the price is something very affordable, to begin with. Also, you’d feel that you’re pedaling with due ease as that’s what Shimano specializes in. Also, it’s highly adjustable.

Se features being provided by PD-M520 make it one of the Gravel Bicycle Pedals you should have for your bike to best peddle for gravel bikes.


  • Compact body design with spacious design for easy entry.
  • Better sand and debris falling compared to any footrest in its category.
  • Customize the entrance and discharge tension settings.
  • Chrome-moly spindle and low-maintenance sealed bearing cartridge axle.
  • Uncomplicated lock-in and adjustment screw. Very good lugs to get unclipped riding. Fantastic touch. Adjustable. The PD-M520 is cheap yet still provides flexible spring tension.
  • Heavier than a few of Shimano’s additional SPD pedals.


1️⃣ The Shimano M520L Mountain Bike Pedals provide the greater functionality of clipless cycling pedals. 
2️⃣ All these Shimano pedals feature a lightweight design with a simple step-in cleat retention method. 

Final Verdict

Back in 1961, a 3-speed bicycle pulse exhibited at the New York Toy Show was the catalyst for what could eventually become Shimano American Corporation. The prevalence of all 20-inch wheeled bikes with hi-rise manage bars fueled a requirement for multi-speed hubs and Shimano has been creating an affordable and dependable version that grabbed the interest of the business. So much so, that by 1965, Yoshizo Shimano, the youngest son of the company creator in Japan, started an office in New York to acquire faster product comments and to present technical and guarantee aid to retailers selling bicycles equipped with Shimano components.

2. Crankbros Eggbeater 3

They’re simply awesome. No more words. Just stupendously awesome. Once you lock your feet/shoes on the pedals, you’re set to go with no problems at all. The number of entry sides is 4 and the footrest is designed in a way that makes you feel comfortable on any type of road you might be on. You also get float (custom), which is awesome regarding mud protection.

Durability is something quite commendable and since made from stainless steel, you know how hard it will be. Weight is on the lower side of only 280 grams. All of these factors collectively contribute to the peddle being awesome for gravel tours and surely you get a lot more about it once you check it out.


  • Pounds: 288g each pair.
  • Body: cast stainless steel.
  • Wings: cast stainless steel.
  • Spring: 300 stainless steel.
  • Inner posture: needle.
  • Outer posture: capsule.
  • Excellent performance for an Affordable Price. Superb Sand shedding. The best weight Price ratio is Accessible. A Luxury peddles to Get a mid-tier Cost. Lightweight for the size of This System.
  • Heaviest pedals in our Overview.
  • Expensive – You will have to buy pedals, road bike shoes, and cleats.


1️⃣ Spindle Substance: Cast scum 435 Chromyl steel.
2️⃣ Body material: cast stainless steel.
3️⃣ Wing Substance: 17-4ph Stainless Steel.
4️⃣ Release angle: 15 degree/20 Level.
5️⃣ Weight: 280g per pair.

Final Verdict

The Eggbeater two Gravel Bike Pedals is a little milder than its brother the Eggbeater 3. Characteristics Crank Brothers’ exclusive, four-sided entrance, mud-shedding layout, and weight-saving minimalism. Eggbeater design sheds mud when providing simple ”no appearance” participation and discharge Cast stainless body, spring and wings using steel spindle add stability and strength with no weight reduction Low-profile layout provides a more powerful and efficient pedal stroke 6 of knee-saving float using an option of a 15 or 20 discharge angle Provides you with a more customized fit for your trail Delrin bushing cartridge and inner bearing outer decorative finish caps Brass cleat and mounting hardware included.

3. Time Atac XC 8

You get a very light-bodied footrest here, made of carbon and the axle is CroMoly. This paddle is designed for convenient usage and the Auto tension adjustment is the live proof.

The pedals are quite durable and performance is something veterans have often spoken positively about. You will realize how awesome it works once you use it.

The design is known to withstand some harsh conditions and it has been tested for the same. Truly a masterpiece amongst the pedals for gravel bikes.


  • Carbon body.
  • Engineered steel axle.
  • Cleats provide 13 or 17 degrees of float (10-deg “newcomer” cleats sold individually)
  • Weight: 145 grams each.
  • 3-position launch strain.
  • 5 degrees of angular float with 6mm lateral float.
  • Superb amounts of float. Straightforward entrance means sand does not affect them considerably.
  • Can roll Forward when you are trying to clip.


1️⃣ Chrome steel axle and carbon body.
2️⃣ Stainless Steel moulded dual-arches for long-life durability.
3️⃣ Self-cleaning frontal retention Method sheds dirt Each Time you clip in.
4️⃣ In AC Platform (auto Strain adjustment Theory ) provides Simple Involvement - Foot retention is Separate from spring Strain.
5️⃣ Angular float (+/-5) and lateral float (6 mm).

Final Verdict

The ATAC XC8 is your pedal favoured by aggressive cyclotrons, mountain bike riders and dirt street riders. It sports the lithe lightness of a carbon body and the sturdiness of a chromed, hollow, oversized. The exclusive data system (Time PATENT) provides Very simple participation and its spacious layout automatically clears debris every time you measure in. The ATAC XC 8 is also a fantastic selection for road riding Or Gravel Bike Pedals.

Now Presenting You With Best Flat Pedal Meant For Gravel Bikes

1. Funn Python Flat Pedal

I feel the design is quite good here. Well but that’s not it. It is made from 6062 aerospace-grade alloy and the pins attached to the pedal ensure that your grip stays firm while you’re on a ride.

Weight is nearly 375 grams (1 pedal) and you get the choice of replacing or substituting any parts should they wear down or get damaged in any way.

You even get the replacement parts online. These pedals are completely awesome thanks to their wild nature and durability and make them one of the top choices for riders when looking for the best bike pedals for gravel biking.


  • Produced from AL606.
  • 12 replaceable pins per side.
  • CrMo axle with Complete self-lubricating Casing.
  • Platform Dimension: W101mm x L101mm x H11mm.
  • Red / Orange / Blue / Black / Grey / Green.
  • 375g per pair.
  • High-end looks, large platform, Tremendous Quantity of traction, Fair price tag, simple to support, Lightweight, concealed grease port.
  • Wide grip hooks. Restricted foot freedom.


1️⃣ Versatile Use: Mountain Bicycle flat pedals for downhill, enduro, trail riding and dirt jumps.
2️⃣ Broad And Thin: Constructed with a large Stage and Optimum Floor clearance for maximum control.
3️⃣ Quality Production: Precision CNC'd from 6061 Metal with 6 Fragrant color to Pick from.
4️⃣ Anti-skid Hooks: Removable metal Hooks for maximum grip and Upkeep.

Final Verdict

Created for competitive riders who enjoy it un-clipped, Python Gravel Bike Pedals are superb low profile, lightweight and super tight, and even for the roughest back racing. You might also simply cruise along on a simple ride with those with fantastic relaxation as a result of its massive platform.

2. Race Face Chester

Chester is designed with Nylon along with 8 pins meant for a firm grip. The axle is quite sturdy and the comfort and durability it offers are quite awesome. Also economically it’s viable for many which makes it a makes-real choice as a pedal meant for gravel bikes.

The reviews are very good which surely suggests that these pedals are supposed to be something. Also in terms of features, it provides you with accessibility to easy services. Also, the pins are replaceable.

Smoothness is something you should be assured of and durability is quite obvious. Weight is on the lighter side and that’s a great thing.

You must check out these awesome Gravel Bike Pedals for your gravel tours.


  • Tough and burly nylon composite body gives a huge platform with the same grip as conventional metal pedals through the bottom-loading 8 hex grip hooks per side.
  • Nylon composite body with lightweight and thin concave platform.
  • Replaceable steel hooks.
  • Tough and durable, Won’t violate the bank, Good mid-range size.
  • Smaller platform and Just 8 Grip pins.


1️⃣ Produced in the United States and Imported.
2️⃣ Constructed for: Route / DH / FR. 
3️⃣ Number of Pins: 16 HCS hex grip pins per pedal (8 per side). 
4️⃣ Bearing: Cartridge bearings and DU bushings.

Final Verdict

New & upgraded the favourite Chester was dressed up with a few new grip treads on its slender lightweight, a concave platform to offer extra grip into the 8 replaceable hex grip hooks per side. The nylon composite pulley body works onto a completely sealed Cro-Mo axle using a 100% serviceable bearing and bushing system.

3. Crank brother’s 5050’s Platform Pedals

If you talk about wright, then I must say it’s a bit on the heavier side and also the size is big, which makes it an ideal choice for bike tours. These pedals are known for high durability and a glance at them can very well tell you that these are the pedals your gravel bike must-have if you’re about to go on some wild tours.

Comfort is immensely appreciated and as the spindle is made from 435 Chromoly steel and aluminum body, that just adds the cherry on the top.

Coming to the pins, there are 10 in total which are completely replaceable should you want to and you get this 480-gram pair of pedals with a 5-year warranty.

Thin in width? Maybe but that’s what makes it more comfortable. One of the best pedals once again for your gravel bikes.


  • Pedal bodies are Made from Aluminium and Aluminum and offer a Broad platform for Additional stability underfoot.
  • All the twenty 10mm Grip Hooks (per pedal) are Flexible to Get a fully customizable Quantity of Grip.
  • Loctite 380 or 401 (not included) is approved for use on all bolts and Hooks on these crank brothers 5050 Two pedals.
  • Well guarded in the Components, Grub screw hooks are height adjustable, Fantastic grip.
  • Double material platform.


1️⃣ Optimal surface Region Using a Minimum profile That's 13mm Sparse.
2️⃣ 9 hex Design Grip Hooks per side.
3️⃣ Premium Igus plus Enduro bearings & Secure Method.
4️⃣ Stamp Big Advocated for shoe Dimensions: 10-15 (us) // 43-49 (eu).

Final Verdict

Crank Brothers Stamp pedals offer you a dimension special pro-level concave platform pedal that gives you an optimum shoe/pedal interface. With 10 adjustable hooks per side, the rider can personalize the pedal to get optimal texture & traction. The bearings & secure system guarantee the pedals will maintain up & work for several years to come.

4. Pedaling Innovations Catalyst Pedals

It is said, once again by many that these pedals will ensure that you get stability, durability, and due comfort while riding and also gives you the offer of a money-back guarantee within 30 days period.

The main thing which I’ve noticed about these pedals is their length, it’s huge if you see the 128 mm. Weight is 505 grams which makes it heavy however the efficiency is what makes this product completely awesome.

The platform is designed in a way that you get to position your feet at a place that will ensure a maximum boost to your pedaling without using excessive energy.

Some key features include the usage of 18 pins on one pedal for the firm and efficient grip, you get the product in four colors viz. Black, grey, red, and blue, the product is highly durable and qualitative and it has been tested for the same.

Check out something similar below!

  • Mid-foot Pedaling Ranking, Together with Complete Arch Support Feels Legitimately Cheaper.
  • Bearing/bushing Durability is Great After Millions Of Kms, Comparatively Narrow Width (95mm Side-to-side)
  • Helps Reduce Pedal Strikes.
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee Demo Period.
  • Heavy.
  • Traction Could Be Better.


1️⃣ Ultra Thin, Big Platform (115x105mm) Super Grippy Mountain Bike Pedal weighing just 355g a set.
2️⃣ 4.5 / 5 Star Review by Vital-MTB a top mountain bike site. 
3️⃣ Double-Sealed, Full-Cartridge Bearings without a bushings for supreme Durability and pedal lifetime.
4️⃣ 10 Rear-Loading Hexagonal Steel Pins each side.

Final Verdict

The One-up Aluminum Pedals come with an enormous (115x105mm) super grippy system using 10 rear-loading hexagonal steel hooks per side to keep your feet planted on the roughest of trails. Using a weight of just 355g, the One-Up Aluminum Pedals will not slow you down to the climbs. Produced from stealth rubber shaped and down using a subtle convex profile to supply you with additional grip as a result of the pedals sitting at the natural arch of the foot. The interior layout (just 8mm on the top edge) provides maximum clearance to decrease pedal strikes and divert off-road obstacles.

5. Shimano PD-GR500

Coming back once again to Shimano, these gravel bike pedals are known for their uniqueness in terms of design and the shape given to these pedals is meant for perfect efficiency coupled with firmer grip and stability. Once again you get the replaceable pins and the weight, though on the heavier side (533 grams) doesn’t compromise anything when you’re on your ride.

Strength, durability, size, grip, and value for money are what cover these pedals and make them a good choice for many riders looking for gravel bike pedals which are best.


  • Concave platform for greater grasp, long-ride relaxation, and efficiency.
  • Height flexible, bottom-loading replaceable pins.
  • Chrome-moly spindle and low-maintenance, sealed bearing cartridge axle.
  • These pedals have a huge support surface and extend a great deal of grip, On account of the big openings, the majority of the sand will not stick.
  • Tacky sand can get trapped between the openings.


1️⃣ Exceptional Contour with Top platform to Get better Management and Efficacy.
2️⃣ Extra-wide and Particularly low profile.
3️⃣ 3 Distinct pin height Configurations to match Various styles of riding.
4️⃣ Extra Powerful axle.

Final Verdict

All these are excellent peddles, even though of a higher price point. I read a lot of reviews about diminished stage peddles breaking amid a journey. That seemed too much of a security risk so that purchased up to those.

6. Spank Spike Flat

The pins and the platform for your foot to be on, are both durable and worth it. The pins make sure that your grips are as firm as they should be and the platform ensures a comfortable spacing for your foot but at the same time, ensures you get awesome boosting to your pedaling speed without using much energy.

Some features include a weight of 420 grams and the body is designed in the alloy (cold forged), you also get twenty pins per side for fantastic grip and the edges are chamfered to the sides.

Give it a try once and I’m sure as anything that you won’t regret it even one bit.


  • Enormous 100x100mm platform.
  • ±420g/set (using complete pin compliment)
  • Cold forged, CNC optimized metal pedal body.
  • Cold forged Chromoly steel axle.
  • Chamfered major edges for enhanced clearance and decreased impact forces.
  • Chamfered unwanted borders for enhanced cornering clearance.
  • Chamfered edges glance off the stone, cold forge.n12mm slender profile, Fantastic foot engagement, Trendy colours.
  • Required service Nearly Instantaneous.


1️⃣ A super Slender 12mm race and freeride pedal for maximized pedaling clearance in 420g per Pair.
2️⃣ Forged alloy body is shot peened and anodized for Enhanced durability.
3️⃣ Equipped with forged hollow taper chromo steel axles for unmatched Power.
4️⃣ 20 preassembled Hooks in virtual concavity for ultimate Traction.

Final Verdict

SPANK SPIKE FLAT PEDALS The Spike Pedals out of Spank are especially made for thrill-seekers who desire a glued-on sense of intense traction, making pedalling not just effortless but also stronger with each rotation. Having an impressive 12mm thin cast MGR aluminium body that’s seriously robust and gives maximum pedalling clearance as a result of the design placing your foot nearer to its axle. The axles are made from forged hollow tapered CrMo structure that makes them weigh much less than other substances, weighing in at just 420g per pair. The pedal layout features 20 steel hooks in a particular configuration that provides outstanding grip without including any more depth to the general pedal. The spikes are completed having aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally functional chamfered leading edges, which divert stone and shrub root strikes that will help you keep speed and control.

7. 45NRTH Helva Platform Pedals

Talk about having the best stability and I’ll present you with these gravel bike pedals without even a second thought. Why? Well, they are known for their stability and the wide platform it provides only ensures that stability and comfort are maintained earnestly.

The design is awesome and if your tour involves some cold and chilly places, you might just press the button given below and make your purchase as soon as possible because this is the one you should have for those tours. That doesn’t mean it’s not useful for any other your but the USP here is snow and winter.

Naturally, the cost here is on the higher side but every penny will be worth it as this is how it’s designed!

Check out something similar.


  • Wide-open pedal bodies quantify 110 x 101 x 9mm.
  • 12 replaceable, non-aggressive aluminum hooks operate well with soft rubberized chemical shoe bottoms.
  • 9/16 Chromoly spindles; closed bearings.
  • Pair with all the 45NRTH Wolvhammer biking boots (sold individually )
  • Big, concave platform. Straightforward pin removal. Loads of traction.
  • On the more expensive side. Might be overly broad for a few cyclists.


1️⃣ Durable and light weight/ CNC machined aluminum bodies : 406 G per Couple.
2️⃣ Superior grip low profile Stage : 14 Replaceable Back-Out Steal Pins Each side.
3️⃣ Perfect for Cyclists That want grip and That are tired of Ruining pedals as Well as the cost of Regular replacement.
4️⃣ Total length Forged and Heat Treated Cr-Mo Axle ; LSL and Sealed Cartridge Bearings.

Final Verdict

The Vice is an amazing all-around track flat. It’s straightforward, thin, grippy, and durable. 12 hooks per side are sufficient to bite into any shoe on the market and then stick you to the pedals. The broad, yet low-profile figures supply you with an implanted feel yet remain out of this way of stones and roots. VP Vice is completely rebuildable with the accessible Rebuild Kit and you might also shed 70 g from this set using our Forged Titanium Axle update kit.

8. HT PA03A Composite Pedal

These pedals are not that great in terms of looks, in my humble opinion however if you consider the functionalities, that’s what I’d say is awesome. It is lighter in weight and is not metal however the pins are, and they’re also replaceable.

You get a good amount of platform which will ensure your feet are rested comfortably and also when you pedal, it will ensure a maximum boost to your speed with a minimum force of your pedaling. Smoothness.


  • Nylon reinforced composite.
  • CNC machined Crmo.
  • Double sealed bearing + 1 DU bushing.
  • Replaceable grip hooks.
  • Large platform. Sealed bearings. Classic BMX style.
  • Composite plastic body.


1️⃣ Super low concave profile, reinforced nylon body and superb broad platform.
2️⃣ Reinforced mix nylon body and CNC machined Cr-Mo axis.
3️⃣ two ring bearings + one bushing.
4️⃣ Size: 107 x 105 x 18 mm and weight 345g each pair. 

Final Verdict

Pedal weight is around 345 grams which is convenient and the body is completely designed with Nylon. Its efficiency is what compelled me to put it on the list of the best pedals meant for gravel bikes.

When You’re Blessed To Have Both Types In One

1. Shimano Deore XT M8020 SPD

This pedal is what you call both clipless and flat If you see the reviews, it has been highly recommended by many and surely when you give it a look, you can see why.

It is made of durable materials like Chromoly spindle and hrx wrench mount (8 mm). You get the choice of entry and release of tension which is quite commendable. You get an ample amount of stability and comfort while you ride and the design is what makes it a complete packaged deal you shouldn’t miss out for the world.

Personally speaking, this one is the best gravel bike pedal in my opinion however you must check it all out as all of them are awesome in their ways.

  • Ultra-durable, consistent performance, Improved stability and fantastic price, Powerful.
  • Sand shedding is still not like some of these competitions.


1️⃣ XT SPD's are Supposed to Carry the rigours of off-road Contest whilst also being Ideal for cross country trail riding.
2️⃣ Sealed cartridge axle Platform for Simplified and Reliability Non maintenance.
3️⃣ Lightweight and Higher performance with a forged alloy Frame.

Final Verdict

The continuous growth of the Shimano XT trail pedal signifies the pub is constantly being increased for the contest. Already considered a mythical and indestructible bit of apparel, The stage was enlarged by 3.3 mm and There’s 11.7percent more pedal-to-shoe touch than previously. That may seem like Negligible changes however, the outcome is higher pedaling efficiency and Stability. Sort: clipless pedal extra information: – coated mechanism – Adjustable release tension – Footprint 2.8 mm wider than the previous version (PD-m780) – 0.5 mm lesser stage height compared to PD-m780 planned use: MTB substance pedal axle: Chromoly steel click pedal harmonious: SPD range of delivery inclusive cleats: SM-SH51 delivery: as a set.

2. Crank brothers Doubleshot Hybrid

This one once again is a mix and one of the best gravel bike pedals you can ask for! Why? Well because economically it’s viable. You get to have awesome efficiency when you’re on a long tour and these footrests make sure that you don’t need to use excessive force while pedaling as they ensure that the positioning of feet will yield maximum boost.

You simply choose the side of the pump as per your trip. Short trip? Simply use the flat side. That’s what I love about it.

The components needed to design this masterpiece involve Iand LL-Glide bearings, and Enduro Cartridge Bearings, and also it is made of aluminium and steel (stainless). Weight is only 395 grams which is once again quite good and this product is highly recommended so you must check it out!

You should know however that sometimes the attachment and detachment of the peddle become a bit difficult so you should periodically do it just to ensure that the process remains smooth.

  • Double-sided. Attractive layout. Inexpensive.
  • Less sand clearance compared to others.


1️⃣ Choose to ride apartment (no cleats) or trimmed in. 
2️⃣ Exclusive Igus LL-Glide Bearings, Enduro Cartridge Bearing. 
3️⃣ Backed by an industry leading 5 year Warranty. 

Final Verdict

Crank Brothers’ Doubleshot Pedals address the demands of cyclists that are interested in being clipped in from time to time, but also need the freedom to sometimes ride platforms. Whether you are a newcomer to the world of clip-ins or even somebody who uses your bike for street riding on the weekends and cruising through the week, then the Doubleshot’s two-sided design lets you change from clipped-in to apartment with a movie of their pedals.

FAQs – Best Gravel Bike Pedals

1. Does gravel bikes come with pedals?

Frequently gravel bikes don’t come with pedals and therefore this is the first item you will buy for your gravel bike

2. Are bicycle pedals universal?

Bike pedals are not universal. Actually, there are two main bike pedal sizes i.e., 9/16” and ½”.

3. Can you replace bicycle pedals?

When bicycle pedals get damaged, it’s time for them to be changed. Luckily, you can easily change your bicycle pedals at home using some easy tools.


So these were some of the best gravel bike pedals and I’m very sure that now you see why are they the best. Before you buy, check all the factors you think is important for your tour and only then make your buying. Whichever one you choose from this list, you’ll get the results that will always be optimum. Please check our more cycle-related product reviews here.

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