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Best Cycle Touring Shorts…….It is pretty obvious that when people talk about a comfortable cycling tour, they often focus on the bikes and their features and basically what it provides them with. However what about your personal comfort even if you have a beast of a bike with all the features? What if in spite of everything you find certain problems where the bike isn’t responsible at all? Take your clothing into consideration now. You’re wearing clothes which are not being quite helpful on your long journey. Will you be able to enjoy it? I don’t think so.

cycle touring shorts
best cycle touring shorts

With basic problems like difficulty in pedaling, your shorts may also prove quite uncomfortable in the delicate areas which will surely hamper cycling. Also if your cycling shorts are not designed for those long tours, it might end up getting all worked up. Yes pretty annoying can it get in those times. So you must understand that your shorts should coincide with the duration and conditions of your journey. You cannot afford to wear normal shorts when you’re up for some heavy adventurous tours. You need to have your clothing in order. Only then can you expect an overall pleasurable experience.

But fear not. This article will talk about some of the best cycle touring shorts that are designed for such tours and guarantees you all the necessary comforts. Yes, all you need to do is create a list of necessary conditions you need with respect to your journey and then make your choice on the type of shorts you would like. Always consider the material first. What is it made of? Is it comfortable with your skin? Once the answers are clear, consider its durability. Is it durable for your journey and the conditions you might face there? If all the answers are affirmative, only then proceed to buy.

let’s see the best cycle touring shorts suitable for you!

1. 7Mesh Industries Farside Short

Let’s begin with one of the best cycle touring shorts when it comes to some awesome adventures. This short is built to withstand the conditions prerequisite for road trips and bike travels. Its design is something worth commending as it allows a smooth flow of movements in terms of pedaling and walking and you can expect a smooth and comfortable journey.

Coming to the technical parts, it’s built with a soft double-weave face, must be to endure that the durability isn’t compromised under any conditions. Materials involve Ever Nylon Stretch 2-4 way and DWR-treated. You’ll also get two pockets as well. But that won’t be all. You also get a phone sleeve where you can securely keep your phone and be assured about the same while riding. Isn’t it covering all the checklists?

7mesh Farside Men's Shorts
  • Ever Nylon Stretch 2-4 Way with DWR (85% Nylon, 15% Elastane)
  • Inseam - 10.5" / 27cm
  • Two hand pockets
  • One zippered side pocket w/ phone sleeve
  • Belt loops as well as low profile locking waist adjusters

2. Alpkit Strada Men’s Short

I personally believe this is one awesome stylish pair of shorts and I would definitely prefer that. What more? It gets dried up easily, something of a great convenience considering that some journeys involve rains and rivers or sweats. Quite comfortable in terms of movements and I believe it’s one of the best you can come across.

Excellent for hiking as well. It is a single weave 95% nylon and 5% spandex so of course, you can safely assume that comfort is something they truly care about. The pockets are quite deep so you can securely put your stuff in without the worries of them falling off while riding. Zips are available on pockets as well. Select the right size for you and you’re good to go!

Visit the websiteAlpkit Strada Men’s Short

3. ElevenPine Uprising Shorts

Talk about cycle touring shorts with multi-purposes. A unique one with the capability of changing its style as per the wearer’s requirements. Yes, you can have it in form-fitting when you wish to or in relaxed styling. The availability of Velcro strap to tighten or loose makes it one of the sought after shorts. If you want a great ROI, you better check this out!

ELEVENPINE Men's Uprising Cycling Convertible from Tight to Casual Short
  • Patent-pending 11P system allows: Shorts to have a form-fit on the bike and loose, comfortable fit off the bike. Optional side leg ventilation. Adjustable Velcro closure on the lower leg.
  • Comfortable, stretch-woven fabric.
  • Comfortable, elastic waistband with drawcord for easy adjustment.
  • Two front zippered pockets.
  • Compatible with the Liberator Liner.

4. Sugoi Off Grid Shorts

The nature of its flexibility in terms of riding in any form is something worth talking about. You can use it for bike packing or maybe road riding or maybe anything but know that it will work effectively across all these sectors. Made up of 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex once again guarantees a comfort you must consider. Stretching of course is four ways. Water in your way? Don’t worry, it’s water resistant as well. Waistband can help you adjust pretty easily I must say. Also gives you three pockets with two side ones and one at the left side. Good for your trip?

SUGOi, Men's Off Grid Short, Deep Olive, X-Large
  • Core Flex Lite is a durable mid-weight woven fabric offering 4-way stretch with a DWR finish
  • Waistband retention system for an adjustable fit
  • Two zippered hand pockets and one side stow zippered pocket for the security of your ride essentials

5. Pearl iZumi Pursuit Attack Bike Shorts

You can safely count on it for comfort and smoothness. They are basically Lycra styled and I like its styling coupled with the comfort it provides. It’s padded as well. Stretching will be quite comfortable with the flat lock available and also the updated Select Pursuit Chamois will ensure a much deserved help while you’re on the saddle. Do give it a try!

PEARL IZUMI Men's Attack Short
  • SELECT Transfer fabric made with recycled Nylon
  • Reduced paneling and seams enhance comfort
  • SELECT Escape 1:1 Chamois provides optimal moisture transfer and breathability
  • BioViz reflective elements for low-light visibility
  • Available in XXXL


1. Are cycling shorts unisex?

The main motive of cycle shorts is to provide comfort. Designed particularly for men and women, cycling shorts ensure that padding is in the correct places and seams are strategically placed to reduce chaffing, mainly on rides more than 10 miles.

2. how tight should cycling shorts be?

Cycling shorts should be tight when you put them on for the first time, but not so tight that you feel uncomfortable. Make sure they’re fitted closely and comfortably enough that they stay in place while you ride. Also do remember that as you move, they’ll stretch a bit.

3. which cycling shorts are best?

The best cycling shorts are
* 7Mesh Industries Farside Short
* Alpkit Strada Men’s Short
* ElevenPine Uprising Shorts
* Sugoi Off-Grid Shorts
* Pearl iZumi Pursuit Attack Bike Shorts


So these were some of the best cycle touring shorts you must check out before your trip to endure a pleasant journey. Also, remember to pay attention to all the features and subsequently correlate with your needs. The one which coincides successfully is the one designed for you!

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