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Tour Bike vs Road Bike

If you’re a veteran, you must probably have a good idea of what this article is about. And even if you’re an amateur you’ll somehow deduce what this article will contain. However in spite of the knowledge people often tend to interchange these two bikes for their tours or journeys or anything.

Let me tell you this: these two bikes are quite different when it comes to their functionalities.

Tour Bike vs Road Bike

Of course, they are. I mean you know a simple road trip and an actual tour are not quite on the same page. The makers of these bikes are aware of that so they’ve designed the bikes in that way. Some even tried their best to create hybrids and were quite successful in doing so. In a nutshell, road bikes are designed for simple road travels where you get the features of speed, lightweight, and smoothness on the roads due to the bikes specially designed for Tour Bike vs Road Bike that.

Whereas if you talk about tour bikes, they’re heavier, durable, and meant to carry some heavy loads because they’re designed keeping in mind that tours often last for days so the rider must carry some loads. Tour bikes are designed to withstand some adverse road conditions and are highly durable to any sort of damages that might occur.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t use the road bikes for tours, what I’m saying is they may not be suitable for certain conditions and may not withstand the number of loads. They’re not designed for that. Any veteran will vouch for that. This article is created, keeping in mind that the readers must get first-hand knowledge regarding the differences so that they make their choices which will only lead to a successful journey. It’s all about the journey. So let’s dive into the world of bikes and their mechanisms which distinguishes them as Tour Bike vs Road Bike.

What’s the construction which makes them different?

If you get this question in your mind, you’re definitely on the right path.
As we very well know, touring bikes are designed for durability and the ability to lift some heavyweights in tour bike vs road bike.

So obviously the materials used here will be something of a strong nature. Steel is the most obvious material. In terms of comfort, it’s mush better than aluminum though I must say opinions may vary here. The steel used in the road bike v/s touring bikes are designed for comfort particularly when the bike is meant for some harsh and bumpy roads where your body might get injured due to the constant jerks. So that’s that.

Coming to the road bikes, as mentioned before they’re meant for speed and smoothness so the materials used in its design are aluminum or carbon. Why? Lighter metals. Not meant for serious loads. You go with some heavy loads on a tour, on your road bike v/s touring bike, you’ll feel unevenness and discomfort while riding. Pedaling will become difficult. It’ll only end up making you slower and cause unnecessary damage to your bike as well as you!

Road Bike

Road Bike

That’s all? Nothing more?

A big no. I definitely have more to say. Let’s talk about touring bikes first. As mentioned before, they’re meant to carry heavy loads so of course, you get mechanisms that will ensure effective attachments of your loads. You get fender clearances as features, low gears as another particularly when you encounter some steep slopes.

Continuing, the bike is designed keeping in mind that you’ll have some rough ways ahead so you must have a posture suitable for such a path. So the posture this bike makes you keep only ensures that your comfort isn’t compromised in any way.

Talking about the frame now. It’s very strong in nature, known to withstand pressure. The steel adds up to the factors of durability. Also, the wheels are much stronger as they’re designed for loads and you get tires as almost puncture-proof. The saddles will make you far more relaxed.

Touring Bike

Touring Bike

Ok, I got it. Anything else I should be aware of?

Well, yes. You must be aware of the geometry. How different they’re as compared to that of tour bike vs road bike. Road bikes are designed for speed so the positioning of the rider will be made in terms of gaining momentum. It helps the riders to get some aggressive speed and the lightweight only acts as a cherry on the top.

Whereas speed is something you shouldn’t expect much from the touring bikes as they’re meant more for comfort and stability.
The tires of road bikes are pretty thin as compared to touring bikes (approximately 23 mm).

Okay, now I’m getting why it’s “road bike v/s tour bikes”.

Yes, they’re quite different as I said. Talk about the wheelbase. We know road bikes are meant for shorter duration and designed for speed so you don’t get much distancing between the axles (front and rear). But when it comes to touring bikes the rear wheel is at some distance from the front. Why? The comfort of course. You get the comfort of pedaling without your feet frequently touching the rear side. See how meticulous the design is? They’ve thought of it all!

Bicycle Tyre

Wow this is quite good. I’m almost certain about the difference now.

Let’s make you perfectly certain then. If you consider the construction of a touring bike, the handle bars are quite close to you. Why? For maintaining the upright positioning.
What else? Longer wheelbase. For more stability and comfort even when you’re carrying heavy panniers around.
Length of chain stay is bigger for easy pedaling and no brushing of your legs with the rear side.
Also the Bottom Bracket Drop is more towards the ground to make sure the center of gravity remains to the lower side. Don’t understand why? You will once you’re riding it with heavy loads. You’ll feel the stability.

So this concludes our discussion on Tour Bike vs Road Bike.

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Hopefully, now you’re clear about Tour Bike vs Road Bike and how different are they from each other. The only purpose is to make you aware so you choose the right bike for the right journey.

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