Trek 920 Ultimate Touring Bikes Complete Analysis

Overview :

Trek 920 Bike travelers who are passionate about their tours always strive to keep themselves updated about various news which is even remotely related to their travels. Those updates may involve about new Trek 920 bikes or some awesome tires or maybe simply some more space to keep their stuffs! So it becomes mandatory for them to give this article a read as it will talk about some beast of a bike when it comes to action packed adventures.

Presenting to you the Trek 920 Touring Bike. Even a cursory glance to this bike can tell even a rookie that this bike is meant for adventures. What with it its custom designing and presence of aluminum frame with rack and fender mounts and also designed completely with aluminum base, it becomes one of the beastly bikes you can ever come across! Even the fork consists of Trek 920 alloy disc. It can quite easily take the load and you’re bound to enjoy your trip once you start with it Trek 920 Review.

The drivetrain is 2×10 Sram and the Trek 920 bike is known to withstand many conditions including some rough routes and uphill. And at the same time ensures some awesome comforts while riding. Truly can make you enjoy the mesmerizing journey.

Why should you buy this Trek 920 bike?

Well the answer is obvious. Its quality. Its design. Its promise for an awesome adventure. Let’s look at it now. The Trek 920 bike is very dynamic in nature and you sure can use it for a variety of purposes ranging from simple travels to rough and adrenaline spiked adventures! Also you can simply change the Bontrager XR1 tires as per your convenience with the limit height of 29×2.25″.

Isn’t this awesome? Also if we talk about its durability then all it takes is a glance to form your judgement and it surely won’t be a negative one! Stability is something you can expect as well.

Anything you should know about Trek 920?

Well based on reviews and opinions of some veteran bikers, I can make out some things you should know about. Some says that the stand tires of this bike aren’t quite good and one must change them for a better performance.

I cannot say that since I believe it’s an individual opinion and the best way to find out is when you look into it yourself. Also some people are concerned with the height of bags in the front Trek 920 rack as they believe that it tampers with the centre of gravity. However once again an opinion and it really depends on how you take it to be. Same goes with the handlebars.

I personally don’t find any problems with it but some might disagree. I would go with the Bontrager Race VR-C anytime you ask me to.

Standard facts of this Trek 920 bike.

1. It is made of aluminum which makes it a lighter bike in terms of weight and some question the reasons of aluminum’s usage instead of steel or any other harder materials.

2. Reviews get pretty mixed up and the dissatisfied customers often talk about the various components of this bike as not being the best. Though most agree to the fact that the weight being on the lighter side has its own advantages.

What about the frameset?

Yes the frameset. The first question which strikes our mind. So if we talk about it, the frame is made from Alpha Aluminum (100 series) and 142×12 mm thru axle. Also with rack and fender mounts. Want to add more rack and fenders? Well you can! Now isn’t that comforting?

Bontrager Carry Forward Front Rack and Back Rack Deluxe are already present in the bike. And as I said before there’s Trek 920 alloy disc fromt fork. Thru axle? 15 mm. Now that won’t be all. You can also add an ANT + sensor and Bluetooth to your frame for tracking rides as well! What else do you need?

Tell you more?

The bike will come to you with the Bontrager Evoke saddle with Bontrager Race VR-C handlebars and Bontrager Supertack Perf tape. If you’re concerned of stem length, you must know it varies as per size of the Trek 920 Trek 920 Rugged Touring Bike . However I must say they consist of Bontrager Elite (31.8 mm).

What about Drivetrain?

The speed shifters are ten in total which is something quite commendable as you get a variety of gears at your disposal. So never worry about some nasty steep slopes. Talking about front derailleur, it consists of SRAM X5 and the rear derailleur – SRAM GX. Bottom bracket is a GXP. A sealed cartridge as well.

You’re not sure with wheels?

Both the wheels consist of Bontrager Duster Elite, Tubeless. However the dimensions of front and rear thru axles are 100×15 mm and 142×12 mm respectively. Sounds good?

What about the overall structure?

Trek 920 is appreciated for its chain’s length and also the wheelbase. You must also know that the centre of gravity gets to be on the lower side since the BB drop is lower.

You must see all the specifications requisite for a detailed analysis from the data which is obtained from the main site of Trek 920, as mentioned below.

Frame: 100 Series Alpha aluminum, rack & fender mounts, 142x12mm thru axle, 73mm threaded bottom bracket

Fork: 920 alloy disc adventure, 15mm thru axle
Fender/rack mounts Bontrager BackRack
Deluxe, Interchange compatible, small.

Front wheel: Bontrager Duster Elite, Tubeless Ready, 100×15 mm thru axle

Rear wheel: Bontrager Duster Elite, Tubeless Ready, 6-bolt disc, Shimano 10 free hub, 142×12 thru axle.

So ultimately I must say that this bike is just perfect when you want to roll into some adventures you’ll remember fondly. For simple commuting or some dangerous adventures, this bike is bound to have your back. There are variety of reviews about it but I must say that on a personal basis, this is the bike I’d choose. However you must check it out and then decide for yourself! That’s how it works.

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Conclusion :

These are a few of the very best trekk 920 touring bikes and you’ve got your options right in front of you. Think about the frame, wheelbase, drivetrain, fork, along with other elements in accordance with your tour. So I want to, which do you select? You could even check out for more cycle-related product testimonials clicking here.


What is the Trek 920 frame made from?

What’s the Trek 920 framework made out of? The framework about the Trek 920 is a 100 Series Alpha aluminum framework . Aluminum was actually the default framework of option for quite a while before carbon came together and became accessible to producers.

Are Trek bikes still made in USA?

Regrettably, there are N’t Any Longer Trek Bicycles Which are Completely made from the USA.u003cbru003eThey used to create a few bicycles within their U.S. centers in Waterloo and Whitewater.

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