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Brooks B17 Review. Know what you need to!

Well, saddle becomes a very important component contributing to your comfort when you’re out riding, especially when the journey will involve all those bumpy roads which surely will create some hard jerking which may be harmful to your body.

So having a good saddle will not only provide adequate comfort to your hip bones but also will make sure that the jerking and bumps won’t affect you in any manner.

Yes so choosing one of the best saddles becomes requisite. This article will talk about one such saddle which is known to be trustworthy amongst many riders including veterans as well as beginners. Yes, I’m talking about the Brooks B17 Saddle.

Brooks B17 Review
Brooks B17 Review

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B17 Short Honey
  • HANDMADE IN ENGLAND- Manufactured using 100 year old traditional techniques and the finest vegetable tanned leather.
  • FLAGSHIP MODEL-The B17 has been on the market for over 100 years, featured in the Brooks catalog as early as 1898.
  • THE ORIGINAL LEATHER SADDLE - Often imitated, never duplicated, this simple yet elegant design is the original leather saddle. Don’t be fooled by immatations, this is the saddle you've been looking for.
  • LIFETIME COMFORT - The B17 shapes to your body over time, like a fine wine - this saddle gets better with age.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Brooks backs up the B17 with a 10 year manufacturers warranty
Brooks Saddles Flyer Bicycle Saddle (Men's, Black Steel Rails, Black )
  • HANDMADE IN ENGLAND-Manufactured using 100 year old traditional techniques and the highest quality materials.
  • CLASSICALLY SPRUNG- The Brooks Flyer comes classically sprung making it perfect for trekking and touring.
  • BLACK STEEL- The rails and frame are made up of hardened black steel for the perfect mix of strength and style.
  • DOUBLE REAR SPRING- the Flyer features two rear springs for an extra layer of comfort during your ride.
  • VEGETABLE TANNED LEATHER- Brooks uses only the finest European vegetable tanned leather for their saddles, bags and accessories.
B17 Short Antique Brown
  • BROOKS ENGLAND'S FLAGSHIP MODEL - The B17 is ideal for long distance touring, trekking, MTB, or Road riding.
  • HANDMADE IN ENGLAND - Manufactured by skilled craftsmen for over 100 years using traditional techniques and the finest vegtable tanned leather on the planet.
  • LIFETIME COMFORT - The B17 shapes to your body over time, like a fine wine - this saddle gets better with age.
  • THE ORIGINAL LEATHER SADDLE - Often immidated, never duplicated, this simple yet elegant design is the original leather saddle. Don’t be fooled by immatations, this is the saddle you've been looking for.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Brooks backs up the B17 with a 10 year manufacturers warranty

So what’s different here?

Well, firstly I would say that the style is what appeals to me the hardest. I mean look at the design. The leather. Definitely have a look at vintage. Something I would definitely want to be around. But as the great people say, looks don’t matter. Okay fair enough.

So let’s see the comfort. It is designed in a way that when you sit on it, your hips will surely get accustomed to it and you’ll end up having a comforting ride. Ask any veterans you can find. I’m very sure the reviews you’re going to get will highly be towards the positive side and that’s that.

Also, you get a variety of choices here. Yes, it’s not always the standard B17 saddle you must go for. You can check other Brooks B17 Review of saddles as well which is quite good as every product comes with some new variety of features, making the riders too happy.

You should know that Brooks B17 was established in 1866. Sounds ancient right? But it’s not when it comes to the amount of comfort it provides. That’s what I love about it the most.

You said it’s made of leather. So what if it gets wet?

Well, they say it’s not recommended for rains but I think that nothing much will happen even if it’s exposed to water. Many say that they’ve not encountered any problems except perhaps a bit of rusty surface beneath the seat so I can safely say that you can risk it.

Okay that’s cool. What else?

Yes, so you can choose your clothing style and can safely assure yourself that the ride will still be comfortable if you’ve got Brooks B17 saddle on your back (no pun intended).

Let’s now go within Brooks B17, to see what exactly are things you should know about.
First, the common question which may arise in your mind is that when will you actually start feeling comfortable from the moment you sit on this saddle. There are various theories here. But I would say that if you add some proofide on the seat, it won’t take more than 30 minutes to get it comfortable right away.

So that’s a good thing you should know about. Brooks B17 is designed for comfort so it won’t take long before you feel all comfortable and singing songs while riding.

Okay, that’s interesting. So what do I have to do to protect Brooks B17 saddles from any damages?

If you thought of that, good going. You have to take care of it that’s for sure. Adding proofide periodically will help of course. You need to have a maintenance kit for that.

That’ll be good. Now don’t frown. It’s not too much effort. Besides the amount of comfort it can provide you will overshadow your small effort in keeping the B17 saddle safe and sound.

What else do I need to do?

Well, you should know that saddles get loose over time so you must tighten it when those times arise. Herewith your Brooks B17 Saddle, you also get a tension spanner which is meant to tighten the seat. You should know the right time to do it. Do not do it so frequently. Maybe for every 50 km or so.

Do you think this comfort factor of Brooks B17 Saddle is highly overrated?

What? Don’t tell me you thought that. Come on, I mean this brooks b17 special saddle is the father of comforts. The amount of pleasurable experience you’d have by this saddle is something worth it. If you have any doubt, check out the reviews.

You’d know. There’s a reason the Brooks saddle B17 is very popular. Yes, some might say otherwise but then the majority wins. (Hail democracy). However, in my personal opinion, the classic model of Brooks B17 is the best option you can opt for.

You know Brooks has also come up with a model (Flyer Saddle) which have springs attached underneath. For extra comfort from all those bumps

Tell me about some awesome things.

Well, first I would begin by saying that it’s custom-made. Meaning you can get the right fit as per your choice and comfort.
Secondly, Brooks B17 Saddle is a one-time investment. It will stay with you as long as you want.
The amount of comfort it provides is another thing that is so awesome that it leads to immediate conversions. Also, your hip bones will get a large area to be comfortably settled.
The brand is a very reputed and popular one so it has to be trustworthy.

Okay that’s good. Is there any negative side?

Well, what doesn’t? To begin with, Brooks B17 Saddle is quite expensive which makes many people hesitate and opt for other manageable brands. So that’s something you should know.

Secondly as mentioned above, they need to be taken care of so buy it only if you can commit to it, just like it commits to your comfort. Also, Brooks B17 is slightly heavier than other saddles which may not be liked by some.

So these were some of the negative sides which you should be aware of. However, the positive side is much more and definitely outweighs the negative ones.

Things I should be aware of?

Yes, there are. You should know that the surface of the Brooks B17 saddle is highly sensitive in nature and if you’re taking it out of your bike, make sure you don’t mishandle it so that it falls on the ground or anywhere rough because then the surface will be scratched and it won’t be good for your saddle.

You should also take due care while adjusting your seat if you want to experience all the comforts.

Also, you should ensure proper maintenance, preferably every four months or so with the proofide.

You get a wide variety of styles when you consider Brooks B17 so I believe it’s one of the best choices you can ever make even if it’s costlier. Remember it’s a one-time investment and the ROI is completely justified and awesome.

That’s it..this is all about Brooks B17 Review…..


Finally, I would like to conclude by saying that it’s one of the best, the Brooks B17 and you should surely check it out and try it once. Because the amount of comfort is irreplaceable. Hope this Brooks B17 Review helps.

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