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Touring Saddles for You’re a biker if you empathically relate with pain in the back while riding bikes. Yes it hurts and it hurts a lot. Some of the blames can be put on the roads, some on your postures but majorly it’s the components of your bike which determines whether it’ll be painful or smooth.

The most basic component which must be analyzed here is the saddle. If your saddle doesn’t suit your posterior, you’re bound to encounter some very uncomfortable pains. And mind you, it can make you scared of riding as well! So you must consider it as very important to choose a saddle which is suitable for your posterior and also the material and mechanisms should be comforting.

Touring Saddles

Consider the room it offers, consider the comfort it’ll provide in all those bumpy roads, consider its texture. If it checks every point affirmatively, only then should you press on that buy button. You must know that Best Touring Bicycle Saddles are designed for different bodies so you must just buy based on looks but rather its geometric composition.

What will the right Touring Bike Saddles offer you?

Apart from comfort (which is important), it will also provide you with the safety against any hip injuries. Yes it will. How? If you’re on some rough road with lots of bumping and jerks, sitting on a wrong saddle can end up injuring your hip bones which can be very hurtful to your body. But the right saddle will always protect you from them.

I’m saying all this so you understand the magnitude of the situation. Make your choice with careful precision. Your body is precious.

So let us now give a watch to the best Touring Bicycle Saddles you can ever come across.

1. Brooks B17 Touring Bike Saddles.

One of the oldest Touring Saddles developed, this one makes the phrase come true that age doesn’t matter. Specially designed for long rides, this saddle provides you with all the adequate comforts and safety to your hip bones and make sure that your journey begins and ends on a happy note. It is made up of leather which gives it some awesome styles as well . Personally speaking, it’s one of the best Touring Bicycle Saddles and you must check it out!

Brooks England B17 Bike Saddle - Handmade Leather Bike Seat (Steel, Titanium, Copper)
  • Rails: steel
  • Cover: leather
  • Claimed Weight: 580 g
  • Recommended Use: cycling

2. Brooks B17 (Imperial Flyer) Touring Saddles.

Brooks doesn’t disappoint and surely brought up another product which is super comfortable for those long journeys. The springs attached ensures perfect protection when you’re on some uneven roads. It’s truly designed for business and once you feel it, you’ll know why is it one of the best Touring Bicycle Saddles.

Brooks Saddles Flyer Bicycle Saddle (Men's, Black Steel Rails, Black )
  • HANDMADE IN ENGLAND-Manufactured using 100 year old traditional techniques and the highest quality materials.
  • CLASSICALLY SPRUNG- The Brooks Flyer comes classically sprung making it perfect for trekking and touring.
  • BLACK STEEL- The rails and frame are made up of hardened black steel for the perfect mix of strength and style.
  • DOUBLE REAR SPRING- the Flyer features two rear springs for an extra layer of comfort during your ride.
  • VEGETABLE TANNED LEATHER- Brooks uses only the finest European vegetable tanned leather for their saddles, bags and accessories.

3. Brooks C17 Touring Saddles.

I know I’m talking a lot about Brooks Touring Bike Saddles but what else can I do when this is the brand you must look up to for a comfortable cycling? Many tourists mention about its awesomeness and when I got further indulged in it, I was fascinated to find how authentic they all were! Although not quite as good as B17, it surely serves its purpose.

A bit curvy if you ask me, but you should check it out to understand whether it suits you. Also it is created from Nylon so you should expect some durability as well. Not that other Brooks products are less durable. However a variety of tourists provide a variety of opinions so once again I’d say you should check it out yourself.

Brooks England C17 Special Black/Natural Rubber, Cambium C17
  • Made with Vulcanized natural rubber and organic cotton and offers extraordinary comfort
  • The Cambium top moves and flows naturally with the movement of the rider for better pedaling and control
  • Die-cast aluminium structure and tubular steel rails for incredible strength and durability
  • The hard-wearing top ensure comfortability right out of the box, no break in period necessary
  • 3 widths available to best suite all riders, C15, C17 and C19

4. Ergon ST Core Prime Touring Saddles.

Some heavy name right? Wait till you know about the heavy features as well. When the product was made, the makers only had one thing in their mind and that’s comfort. It is designed to provide adequate comforts and protection to your hip bones while you ride.

The floating Twin Shell even let’s you have a smooth movement of your pelvis. The sitting width it provides ranges from 12 to 16 cm and also is friendly towards both the genders. Now you see why it falls under the category of best touring saddles?

Ergon - ST Core Prime Bicycle Saddle | for Hybrid, Commuting and E-Bikes | Mens | Two Sizes | Two Color Options
  • COMFORT TO THE CORE: The ST Core Prime Men's saddle is a revolution in comfort, BASF Infinergy foam and TwinShell design delivers a unique "floating" effect while pedaling to provide unprecedented cycling comfort.
  • ERGONMIC CORE: The heart of the comfort system. BASF Infinergy foam effectively isolates the rider and dampens road bumps and vibrations.
  • TWIN SHELL DESIGN: The layered construction with its BASF Infinergy foam core allows the saddle to follow the natural pedaling motion in every direction, efficiently absorbing shocks and reducing back pain.
  • MENS SPECIFIC RELIEF CHANNEL: Designed for Men and positioned for effective relief of the perineum and genital area. The comfort relief channel eliminates pressure and numbness in delicate soft-tissue area.
  • WARRANTY: Limited 2-Year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

5. Brooks C13 (cut out) Touring Saddles.

I apologize for another Brooks but all I can say in my defense is it’s the best you can get. Why? This one is waterproof to begin and coupled with cotton canvas which are 100% organic as well! Also the aluminum rivets are something to look forward to. The carbon frame as top suspended ensures nothing but light weight and sturdiness. Quite comfortable for hip bones.

Brooks England C13 Cambium Saddle, 132mm
  • 100% Organic Cotton (Vegan) Cover perched on a Vulcanized Rubber Base
  • Singular, Continuous Woven Carbon Fiber Base
  • Ultra lightweight 259 grams
  • Handmade in Italy

6. Fabric Line Elite Shallow Touring Saddles.

This touring saddle is heavily recommended by many and when I looked into it, I could clearly see why. It is standard in terms of its width along with all the necessary comforts prerequisite for a good and nostalgic tour. Don’t worry about feeling numb. It has your back.

7. Selle Anatomica X Series – X1 and X2.

Deeply appreciated product with its watershed leather and laminate layers. The Touring Saddles Chromoly rails are something quite commendable as well. You will feel awesomely comfortable when you’re on it and forget about any damages to your bones. This saddle is recommended for some awesome tours.

Selle Anatomica X Series Leather Bike Saddle for Comfortable Racing Long and Short Distances Watershed Oxblood with Gunmetal Rivets
  • Comfortable: The most comfortable leather bicycle saddles you'll find. Our patented slot moves underneath you as you ride.
  • High Quality: Only the finest leather for our full grain leather top with dual reinforcing leather laminate layers.
  • Lightweight: Weighs only 515 grams.
  • Versatile: This is the do it all saddle for riders weighing 120-190 lbs. This saddle can ride through anything.
  • Domestic: Made in the USA
Selle SMP Lite 209 Saddle with Carbon Rails
  • Covering: Leather
  • Padding: Foamed Elastomer
  • Casing: Nylon 12 + Carbon Fiber
  • Saddle Rails: Carbon Fiber
  • Dimensions: 273 x 139mm Weight: 260gr

8. Charge Spoon Touring Saddles.

Kind of cowboy style in my opinion, it is economically friendly and provides once again all the comforts you’re asking for. Designed awesomely and effective ROI, it is must recommended and you must give it a try. Also in terms of length and comforts, it surpasses even the Brooks. Now isn’t that something awesome? However the leather content should be taken care of. So make your choice!

These were some of the Best Touring Bike Saddles you can ask for and if you ask which one to believe blindly, Brooks is the one however it’s not limited to that as all the Touring Saddles shown here are equally awesome in their respective fields. So you better give them a check and choose the one most suitable for your journey and for your hip bones.

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Conclusion :

Bear in mind that body posture, sit width along with your lower back versatility will tremendously dictate perfect saddle contours. For vertical body places, you will want to use a saddle that is somewhat wider with more cushioning. Firmer saddles tend to be better for space riding in sportier places when combined with padded shorts. Before you begin making saddle adjustments, be certain that you optimise your saddle height and bicycle fit.


What is the best bicycle saddle for touring?

The Brooks Flyer has a similar shape as the B-17, however with solid springs. It is amazing for somebody whose has a more upstanding stance and handlebar is over the seat tallness. Its medium width is 170 mm and long length is 280 mm. It is magnificent for substantial visiting, significant distance riding, and rough terrain riding.

How do I find the best bike saddle?

Discover the seat with the correct shape. No two individuals are the equivalent. Assess your adaptability and your situation on the bicycle. Test your adaptability. Measure the width of your sit bones. Seats come in various widths. Set the seat to the straight stature. Seat position.

What is the most comfortable saddle?

The Selle Italia Diva saddle is quite possibly the most broadly rider-prescribed ladies’ seats and it’s not difficult to perceive any reason why. It’s agreeable, adaptable, light and it even looks great as well. This is a prevalent quality plan offering sublime solace for all styles of bicycle and ride.

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