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Best Gravel Tyres
Best Gravel Tyres

Bike tours are different than normal road cycling. The former needs meticulous planning and awareness regarding the environment out there, where the tour’s supposed to happen.

Some tours can be smooth while some can lead through various rough parts of nature where your stability and comfort come into jeopardy. So it becomes quite important for you to have all the stuff needed for a successful tour.

We all know how tires play a very crucial role here. If you’re out on those gravel roads, you should have the tires specially designed for them. So here we’re going to talk about some of the best gravel tyres which you must check out before your tour so as you make the right choice and subsequently lead a comforting tour.

Ask any veterans and they’ll say that the tires I’m going to talk about are some of the best you can ask out for. So without wasting any time, let’s jump right into it!

let’s look at the best gravel tyres!

1. WTB Riddler

If you wish to undertake those kinds of tours which would take days then I would recommend you give this gravel bike tire a check. Also, this tire is meant for gravel tours where you might expect some really harsh conditions like bumpy and uneven roads, even pointed stuff that pose a threat to the tires.

Size ranges in 700×37 and 700×45. However, I would be honest in saying that the reviews are quite mixed here so I can only tell you to check it out yourself to see whether it suits you.

The wall of these tires is actually not that durable as they’re quite thin so the risk of puncture cannot be tiled out. But if you talk about cornering here, then these tires win hands down. Economically cheaper ($47.95), it’s quite good. This tire is in no.1 position in our list of 7 best gravel tyres.

WTB Riddler Light Fast TCS Roll Cycling tire
  • Aggressive cornering knobs meet a low-profile center tread.
  • Excellent choice for gravel grinding or dry cyclocross courses.
  • Large-volume, fast rolling tire.
  • Available in both Tanwall and Blackwall versions

2. Panaracer Gravelking SK

This gravel bike tire is an all-rounder. Meaning they you can use it both for gravel tires as well as daily commuting. Highly versatile in nature, these tires have got many positive reviews from many veterans as it’s served the dual purpose which can excite anyone.

Use it on gravel roads, it’s good. Use it on a normal basis, it’s good. However, it’s not good in mud so you need to know that. Cornering with these tires isn’t so great and also it makes some weird noise when the speed is at the top. So you might check it out to see.

However, the rolling resistance is quite low and you get some smooth rides. Width is 700c with ranges from 32 to 43 mm. Price is sure to the lower side which becomes favorable (37.94 dollars). This tire is in no.2 position in our list of 7 best gravel tyres.

Panaracer GravelKing SK 700 x 28 C Knobby Tread Aramid Folding Tire, Black/Black (RF728-GKSK-B)
  • A high performance knobby tire designed to take on rougher riding terrain with its aggressive side knobs and performs well through a wide range of inflation levels.
  • ZSG (Zero Slip Grip) natural rubber compound provides consistent performance through a wide range of temperatures and wears well
  • 126tpi Advanced Extra Alpha casing performs well through a wide psi range, minimizes rolling resistance, 70 PSI Tubed
  • AX technology uses extremely narrow cord which is weaved at a super high density into the casing for lightness and flexibility. This increased density improves resistance to cuts and abrasions.
  • For gravel, dirt, rough and smooth pavement – like the first GravelKings, now with more color options!

3. Kenda Flintridge Pro DTC.

Reviews are pretty mixed here with done saying that the tires aren’t quite stable while riding however it’s quite subjective and based on preexisting notions. However, apart from this problem, things are quite good.

Once again you get to use it both on and off roads which is quite good. The shoulder knobs help in providing you with control when you’re in some sticky situation like mud.

People also say that these are one of the best gravel bike tires as the smoothness it offers is paramount and one shouldn’t ignore that. I personally agree with this. Cornering maybe a bit difficult but no one can question it to be smooth. Pricing is slightly on the higher side as the features this gravel bike tire offer is quite good. ($59.95). This tire is in no.3 position in our list of 7 best gravel tyres.

Kenda, Flintridge Pro, Tire, 700x35C, Folding, Tubeless Ready, GCT, DTC, 120TPI, Black
  • A gravel crushing tire to rule them all.
  • KSCT casing for tubeless conversion and sidewall reinforcement.

4. WTB Venture Road TCS

Talk about some fat tires, and you get this. It comes with a wide variety of features however I must say that the rolling resistance is slight to the higher side. Performance is something quite commendable here.

Tubeless wise it’s quite good however measure wise it’s only 44 mm (said by many) when it’s said by the brand that it’s 47 mm. This tire is in no.4position in our list of 7 best gravel tyres.

Venture Road TCS Tire
  • WTB's most versatile Road Plus tire for varied terrain and conditions.
  • Tightly-spaced centerline tread rides smooth and efficiently on pavement and hardpack surfaces.
  • Dual DNA Rubber uses a fast and efficient compound along the centerline of the tread, while a softer compound provides increased traction at the side knobs.

5. Maxxis Ikon

It is designed to have lighter weight and meant for some awesome races. You get 3C Compound technology and fast-rolling design and that’s what makes it one of the best gravel bike tires out there.

It provides a phenomenal performance on any kind of roads which makes it everyone’s favorite.Grip and stability are incredible and the comfort which comes along is something one cannot simply ignore. That’s how awesome it is! You must check this one out as it’s seriously one of the best.This tire is in no.5 position in our list of 7 best gravel tyres.

Maxxis Ikon 3C/EXO/TR Tire- 29in Skinwall, 3C/EXO/TR, 29x2.2
  • Item Package Weight: 0.7 kg
  • Item Package Length: 11.0 cm
  • Item Package width: 16.0 cm
  • Item Package Height: 36.0 cm

6. Teravail Cannonballs

Awesomely durable and highly stable in its approaches coupled with some fast-rolling, this gravel bike tire, once again is awesome in its own way.
The silica composition makes sure that the tire stays durable which proves to be quite conducive when the trip is something very long and uneven.

Awesome design, wonderful grip, and phenomenal durability, that pretty much sums up this beast of a tire. Price is quite reasonable considering the amount of quality it provides. (,55 dollars). This tire is in no.6 position in our list of 7 best gravel tyres.

Check out something similar below!

Continental Speed Ride Reflex Tire, Black, 700 x 42cc
  • PUNCTURE PROTECTION- This Butyl breaker blends with rubber reinforced sidewalls to deliver high puncture and wear protection.
  • SEMI SLICK- Ensures easy rolling speed when riding through town or country.
  • DIAMOND MIDSECTION- The midsection offers excellent grip while the outer knobs give lateral support when it matters.
  • VERSATILE AT ALL TIMES- The diamond semi slick bridges the gap between a jaunt around town and cornering in the park.

7. Compass Snoqualmie Pass

Once again an all-rounder, this one is favored by many veterans. If you consider the pricing though, I must confess that it’s nearly $71 which is quite a lot however you get grip, smoothness, durability, and speed when it comes to this gravel bike tire so I think the ROI is good. You must check it out once. Last but not the least this tire is on our final list of 7 best gravel tyres.

Also check the product below.

Panaracer Gravel King Slick Tire, 700x38, Black Tread/Black Sidewall
  • Minimal yet effective file style tread paired with robust volume succeed in less favorable conditions where road tires fail
  • A true adventurers tire, the Gravel King is as at home on road as it is on gravel fire roads and tightly packed dirt
  • Featuring Panaracers Natural Rubber Compound for superior grip in all weather
  • ISO : 622
  • TPI : 120


1. Are the tires only meant for tours?

No. There are many tires mentioned in the article which can be used for both purposes which is a good value for money.

2. Which one is the best amongst all?

Here the matter of perception plays the role. For each, his own differ. However based on reviews I can say that the last four tires are something quite awesome. However you better check it out.

3. Are they puncture-proof?

I believe that depends on the individual tires. However, done of them provides more protection than the others. Best is to check them out to see.


So these were some of the best gravel bike tires you can find out there and you must make your choice based on your type of tour and the road conditions. Almost all of them have certain attributes that make them desirable however you must check them out yourself to see what suits you the most. You can also check out for more cycle-related product reviews here.

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