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Best Front Bike Rack Collections

If you’re a travel enthusiast or anyone who prefers to ride their bikes for a long duration, you must know about the importance of bike racks and how convenient it is to have it. But you must also know that selection of the best front bike rack is of paramount importance and you shouldn’t take it lightly at all.

Best Front Bike Rack

Now we’re going to discuss the best front bike rack you can ever come across and also help you to have a clear mind before the final selection. Your choice must depend upon the purpose of the bike rack and your expectations from it. Only after considering every pros and con should you decide to buy it. 

Factors to consider should be its strength in terms of durability and ability to hold weight, also the weight to the rack in general and whether you’re fine with it attached to your bike. Is your bike capable of handling the rack? Can the weight of rack define its strength as well? Can it hold the load? Is it suitable for the journey I often do on my bike? Many questions you must find answers to before the purchase. Now in order to have more clarity, I’ll throw some light on the best front bike rack.

let’s look at the best front bike rack!

1. Old Man Mountain Sherpa

These racks can easily hold weight up to 19 kg and are definitely recommended if you’re a travel enthusiast. The top plate design will ensure a sufficient height of panniers from the lower level. If you’re comfortable with it being on the higher side you should definitely go for it.

It can be fit easily in terms of 26″ wheels, 27.5″ and 29″ wheels. Also when it comes to Rockshox forks or Fox bikes. It uses a clamping system, the OMM clamps, and a thru-axle design. Its wright is nearly 635 grams and is considered to be a nice fit to carry panniers. Is recommended for front suspension bike packing rig as well. This is the best front bike rack for touring which leads the top position.

Visit the website: Old Man Mountain Sherpa

2. Tubus Duo

Well if you are someone who intends to use racks solely or mostly for bike touring, then it is recommended. Not suitable for spring mounting or carbon folks without eyelets. Eyelets should be inside and outside of the bike forks if you want this rack. However in terms of strength Tubus Duo is awesome hands down. It can withstand some seriously heavy loads and also can be fit rather easily with provisions of great flexibility.

You’re a man with some heavy panniers and you have Tubus Duo then you needn’t worry about the weight. In contrast to the above rack, it’s a low riding one and comfortable for those who prefer it that way. Space due to it being low can be utilized for other purposes, preferably adding another rack for that matter. Scientifically the concentration of wright at a point as done by this rack ensures stable cycling. It can hold up to 15 kg and its own weight is nearly 560 grams. 

Tubus Duo Front Bicycle Rack - Black - 600002-001
  • 2 piece low riding front rack for use with panniers on touring applications
  • Must be installed on a fork with mid-section eyelets on both the inside and outside of the fork
  • Attaches to both lower eyelets and midsection eyelets on both side of the fork
  • Not suitable for suspension or carbon forks
  • Compatible with 26` and 700c wheels

3. Nitto Mini Front Rack

A very popular best front bike rack and a majority of customers are specifically interested in it. It is usually right to use a tether loop around the rack and handlebars. However, you must know that it is not meant for every bike and you must consider the eligibility before you buy it. Rather smaller in size and if your bike contains cantilevers, it’s good. 

4. Tubus Tara

Prefer low riding racks? Once again presenting you with another low riding rack. Flexibility and compatibility with various forks is something Tara can boast about. Mounting of forks is quite commendable as well.

It’s also user friendly and can be easily installed as well. Its capacity is around 18 kg which is quite appreciative and its personal weight is around 500 grams or 510 grams. 

low rider carrier LowriderTara 26" / 28"
  • Type: Lowrider
  • Suits Wheel Size: 26Inch
  • Suits Wheel Size: 28Inch
  • Material: Steel
  • Load Capacity: 15kg

5. Surly Touring Front Rack

A rather stylish rack in my opinionBut don’t think that it doesn’t serve any other purposes. You can mount on this rack in different ways like you can choose low or high ride depending upon your convenience. Looking from the side will give it a geometric shape of an inverted frustum.

It is made and designed with tubular Chromoly steel. It provides much-deserved stability and also you can adjust its height based on your choice. Now comes the amazing part. It can hold up to 32 kg of weight. Although its personal weight goes to 1382 grams. Which is over a kg. 

6. Blackburn Bootlegger

Is the value of money important to you? Give this rack a detailed check. The surface of this rack is flat which is much convenient for keeping your pannier and other stuff and can be easily attached to the bike’s front forks.

However, eyelet mounting in the axle area is needed. You’ll be blessed with a rack that can withstand 20 kg of load and its own personal weight is 917 grams. It’s made of aluminum. 

Blackburn Bootlegger Front Bike Rack (Black, One Size)
  • UNIVERSAL MOUNTING - All bicycles are constructed differently. That's why we engineered our universal mounting system to fit on as many frame/fork configurations as possible so you can spend more time riding, and less time installing
  • INTEGRATED BOTTLE OPENER - Going on a beer run? When you get back, open a bottle on us
  • ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION - Constructed of t6061 aluminum, this product is both lightweight and strong
  • LIGHT CLIP - A great point of attachment for your front or rear light... Compatible with most Blackburn and other brand's lights
  • DISC BRAKE COMPATIBLE - Sometimes these newfangled disc brakes get in the way of accessory installation. This product was designed to make sure that isn't an issue

7. Bontrager Carry Forward Front Rack

It is quite similar to the Surly Touring Front Rack. It consists of low ride mounting with a capacity of 15 kg and it also ensures quite good stability. It can be mounted to fender eyelets.  

Visit the website: Bontrager Carry Forward Front Rack

8. VO Randonneur Platform

You should know that it’s your ideal choice if you’re conscious to have a lot of space for your panniers and other stuff to be put over your rack. It’s quite spacious which makes it one of the demanded ones and quite similar to Nitto in terms of designs.

One of the awesome facts about it is that even though made of stainless steel, they’re rust-free. Its toughness cannot be ignored. Its designs will be just as attractive 5 years later as it is now. It can carry a load of approximately 5.4 kg. 

Velo Orange Randonneur Front Canti Rack: Polished Stainless Steel#
  • Velo Orange Randonneur Front Rack: Polished Stainless Steel

9. Pelago Commuter Front Rack

Once again a flat platform with sufficient space makes it quite useful especially when it also has connections with Restrap Random bags. It is a pure stainless steel product and serves a lot of purposes ranging from tourism to simply carrying stuff from one place to another. The front light it provides is being an added bonus which I personally appreciate. 

Pelago Front Luggage Rack, Front Rack, Medium, Black or Polished, Unisex_Adult, Polished, M
  • Stainless steel tubes, adjustable attachment for mudguard eyelets
  • Low mounting point for attaching saddlebags (CF Luggage Reactstrap)
  • Suitable for bicycles with 28" and 26" wheels
  • 1000 grams - 220mm wide, 290mm deep
  • Total load capacity: 15 kg

10. Pass and Stow Five Rail

It has gathered positive responses from many people in terms of its usage like having a flat platform that serves its own purpose. However, do check the expense and your budget before the buying procedure. It’s quite durable in nature as well. 

Visit the website: Pass and Stow Five Rail

11. Specialized Pizza Rack

The rack can hold nearly 15 kg of load and also provides spaces for panniers like you can have side panniers attached to it quite comfortably as well (only if the hooks that match the requirements. Preferably 13mm or maybe more). The name is given as Pizza because it’s packaging upon deliverance looks like a pizza box. 

Visit the website: Specialized Pizza Rack

12. Hellraiser Rack

I personally believe to be quite unconventional in my approaches and would definitely go for different unique aspects. Do you empathize? If yes, then I recommend this rack. Its styling makes it one of my personal favorites and also quite durable and sturdy. It can survive some major car crashes as well! So do not be fooled by its unique designs being the only USP. Last but not least this comes in our final list of best front bike rack

Visit the website: Hellraiser Rack

Lets now look at some frequently asked questions regarding best front bike rack.


1. Are front bike racks needed?

Well, it’s not a compulsion to have one and entirely depends upon the type and duration of your tour. If your tour lasts for a longer duration, you must carry a certain load with you. These front bike racks will make sure that you get the best experience in your bike without ant compromises.

2. Which one of them is the best front bike rack?

Well, that depends upon the type of tour and amount of load you carry coupled with your bike’s compatibility with the front bike rack. You need to make a choice based on that.

3. Can I expect durability?

Yes, you can. They’re designed for bike touring so it’s requisite for them to be durable in those times.

4. Is the cost associated with quality? 

I wouldn’t think like that. There are some of the best front bike rack that is economically cheaper yet the output they provide is off the charts. You must check out the racks and see which one suits you the most and according to that make your choice.


So these were some of the best front bike rack for you and before making the choice you must consider the aspects related to compatibility, weight, capacity, designs, price, and your ultimate comfort. If following rack ticks all the checklists you have created in your mind, go for it. And enjoy. You can also check out for more cycle-related product reviews here.

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