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Best Fat Bike Fenders you must be a passionate tourist if you have those fat bikes designed for adventurous tours and must have many wild experiences to share as well!

However if you’re someone who goes deep inside the nature you must have encountered a problem which is not so pleasant and often makes you annoyed if not frustrated. Yes I’m talking about mud. Not all of your trips are on roads.

Some make you go through bad, muddy roads which obviously get splashed over your bike and clothes and you don’t like it. Of course, you won’t, no one would. At times like this, it becomes requisite to have a solution to tackle those problems. Yes, I’m talking about the fat bike fenders and mudguards which will become a savior during those muddy days.

Fat Bike Fenders
best fat bike fenders

Now we all know how fat bike fenders are different and so will have different gearing as well. Like fenders. So you must know the best fat bike fenders and mudguards out there which will make sure that you get the most desirable result possible. So this article will simplify your search and will present you with fat bike fenders which I believe to be the best.

let’s look at the list of best fat bike fenders!

Individuals will find that they don’t need to go through that amount cash to get quality security on the front and rear wheel in the event that they wish.

1. Portland Design Works Origami Best Fat Bike Fenders

Best Fat Bikes fenders are known for their flexibility and can be attached easily to almost every bicycles, making it people’s favorite. It is available in the rear and front fender, something you should know about. Weight is light, which ensures no additional load and installation is quite easy as well. Fix it easily around your seat post. Yes, there are mounts as well. Use it when you please then simply detach it and keep it. That’s how easy it goes.

combination is one of the simplest, lightest, and cheapest fenders on the market and most users find that it’s quite capable of doing the job it’s designed to do. Both fenders arrive packed flat and need to be bent along fold lines to fit the tire.

Portland Design Works | Origami Seatpost Fender, Black/Seafoam
  • Punch it out, fold it down and snap it on
  • Super lightweight
  • Installs in seconds
  • Fits almost any bicycle
  • Pack it into your backpack with the weather conditions improve

2. Best Fat Bike Fenders Planet Bike Big Buck

Once again available for both rear and front, this one is designed for your adventures and makes sure that absolutely nothing is compromised. You get a good cover from mud or maybe snow and spray when these best fat bike fenders are in action. Both of them are known to be very effective and the reviews are quite positive as well, the reason why I put this brand and product amongst the best fat bike fenders.

As a bicycler, you will ride in many different conditions, often times you’ll find yourself getting hit with puddles, mud, grime, and all sorts of different nuisances that come with the ever changing weather conditions. Even worse, sometimes your bike will even get damaged due to said conditions.

Planet Bike Big Buck front bike fender
  • Durable all-weather polypropylene blade
  • Includes hardware to fit small, standard and oversized tapered steer tubes (18.5-34.5mm ID)
  • Mounts to most suspension and rigid forks
  • Wheel size: 26”, 27.5”, 29” and 700c
  • Fender width: 90-115mm for 3-5" wide tires

3. Best Fat Bike Fenders SKS Fatboards

SKS fat bike fenders come with front and rear fenders, they are known to be awesome protector when it comes to mud and the kind of protection you receive for your tires is something quite commendable. The absence of mud due to these protections often leads to a balanced and stable ride.

Quite easy to install, you can easily attach the front fender with straps which are, of course, qualitative, and the rear one with power strapping. Also if we talk about the rear bike fender, it has a hinged arm which makes the fender quite flexible in terms of attachment to your bike. 480 mm in terms of length and guarantees some good protection. Truly remarkable.

SKS-Germany 11363 Fatboard Bicycle Fender Set for Fat Bikes, 5.5"
  • Great coverage for tires up to 5 inches wide
  • Front mounts on downtube with power straps
  • Rear mounts on with skis proven clamping system
  • Rear has dual hinge to help adjust to any geometry

4. Best Fat Bike Fenders Mudhugger FatHugger MK3

The name says it all! The shape of MK fat-bike fenders is designed for protection from mud or snow or anything of that category which comes in the way. You get this product with a plastic film around. Make sure you remove it though.

Your tires can be as wide as 4-5 inches yet these fenders will have your back. Isn’t that awesome? Also, it causes absolutely no problems with installation. Do you have a minimum of a 10 mm gap between the fork and the front tire? You’re good to go.

The length of these fenders is approximately 510 mm. However, I must say that its performance is what shadows every other aspect. It’s truly something you must try out if your trip involves some muddy surfaces.

As a bicycler, you will ride in many different conditions, oftentimes you’ll find yourself getting hit with puddles, mud, grime, and all sorts of different nuisances that come with the ever-changing weather conditions. Even worse, sometimes your bike will even get damaged due to said conditions.

Mudhugger Front Guard
  • Easy to use protection, versus the mud and dirt out on the trails
  • Lightweight at only 80g
  • 450mm in length to provide awesome mud and spray stopping performance
  • Suitable for all wheel sizes, 26er 650B and 29er wheel
  • Cable tie mounting

5. Best Fat Bike Fenders  Mucky Nutz

Quite unique when you consider the way it is designed. Just like that, it is meant for the bikes where you see the forks as rigid. It is designed in a way that makes sure that absolutely negligible mud gets hit on your bike and the protection it provides is ultimate. Weight is another thing that makes this fender unique.

It just weighs about 75 grams. Now that’s the lightest form you can ever see. Also, the Velcro straps you get along with it are quite good with the option of reusability. But it ensures that the attachment and detachment isn’t something you should be concerned about.

All these unique qualities collectively contribute towards it being one of the best fat bike fenders you’re looking for so you must give it a check. You also get Gut fender which you attach at the down tube. Advantage? It provides protection to the upper part which is truly appreciated. Weight once again is to the lower side (65 grams).

Mucky Nutz, Fat Face Fender, Black
  • Stops any muck, gravel, pine needles, snow, sand and animal s*** being flung into your face
  • Can be used on all wheel sizes, fitting close to the knobby bits for optimum 'muck' Catching
  • Uses genuine Velcro straps to attach to the fork, making fitting and removal a breeze
  • Compatible with most fat Bike rigid and suspension Fork designs
  • Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK


From the outset, it is difficult to decide the contrasts between certain bumpers and curved guards out there. It is essential to understand audits, look at costs, and comprehend the size of a bicycle prior to buying.

Subsequent to doing all the examination, a great many people have a very smart thought of what they need to buy at last. Fortunately if there are any slip-ups made, it is really simple to return and begin once again.

So I hope this makes your choice for Best Fat Bike fenders much clearer and you easily get to know which one suits you the most. All of them are best in their own ways and you must choose them based on your choice and personal preferences. Whichever you choose, know that you’re the best. You can also check out for more cycle-related product reviews here.


1. Are fenders worth to buy?

Yep! They are excellent accessories and will be worth most of their original cost or probably, even more, when you plan to sell it later.

2. Can you put fenders on any bike?

Bike fenders are not a one-size-fits-all accessory. They not only differ depending on your riding style and bicycle type, some bicycles may not be compatible with a set of fenders at all.

3. How can you make a bike fender?

1. Firstly, You need to shape the Fenders.
2. Then, you need to measure the Fenders to Fit.
3. Finally, you need to shape the ends of the Fenders.

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