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You know the importance of your shoes when you’re a frequent biker and a travel-lover with your bike as a companion. You know when you pedal for such a long time, your shoes are one of the main supports. Now when it comes to shoes what exactly do you want from it? Durability? Comfort? Resistance to various conditions like water and snow? Proper ventilation? Yes, these are some of the things you consider. But then there are people who prefer sandals overshoes. So this article is about the best cycling sandals you can ever come across.

Best Cycling Sandals

Now some of you might wonder about the compatibility of sandals while something like road trips is in question. But just for a moment imagine the comfort in terms of ventilation when it comes to sandals. Imagine the comfort. Yes, it’s soothing, right? But you might feel it’s not practical. Well, now it is! How? This article is going to talk about the best cycling sandals you can ever come across. Yes in terms of durability and comfort they’re at par (if not more) with the cycling shoes. Hard to believe?

Let’s check it out in a moment. But before that, you should know one thing. You get choices here as well. However once again you must make a very careful analysis and choose the most appropriate one for your bike ride. Your preferences will differ and I’m sure you’ll fix your eyes on one of the sandals and then there’s no turning back! So let’s get started and see the varieties available.

let’s look at the best cycling sandals

1.Shimano SD5.

One of the best when it comes to biking tours. Shimano SD5 is designed to be flexible in nature in terms of the sole and other components. With an ample amount of ventilation and comfort, it becomes one of the topmost choices. However, do not doubt its durability because it is quite! However, it might not be suitable for long bike tours. Depending upon your level of journey and taste, you must make a choice.

It may not prevent your feet from all the dusts but it sure will provide you the comfort and ventilation. It all comes down to how you make your choice. These sandals will be around with you for a long time and surely the investment in terms of durability will be worth it. However, for longer tours, it may or may not be suitable as a variety of tourists have given a variety of reviews about it. So do make a careful analysis of the same.

SHIMANO SH-SD5 SPD Cycling Sandal, Grey, 13-13.5 Women / 10.5-11 Men (EU 45-46)
  • Flat foot bed for long distance comfort
  • Glass fiber reinforced shank plate for optimum sole rigidity
  • Wide; stable rubber sole for comfortable riding and walking
  • Durable synthetic leather upper with moisture control mesh layering
  • Classic dual strap design for an efficient; secure; comfortable fit

2. Keen Commuters

It’s a tough sandal I must tell you that. It even looks like a beastly one. The key feature of this product is that it protects your toe from any damages. How? It’s the sole. It covers the toe and the finger areas. But that doesn’t make it uncomfortable in terms of ventilation at all!

On the contrary, this sandal makes sure that your journey is quite comfortable in terms of walking and pedaling. Also, it is highly durable which makes it another prominent choice. Do not doubt its flexibility because it is and a damn good one too. It becomes an ideal choice because of its many features yet not diverted from its main agenda of biking tours. Sandals you must give a check!

KEEN Men's Commuter II Cycling Shoe,Black/KEEN Yellow,10 M US
  • Full length SPD-compatible plate
  • TPU cleat cap plate
  • Secure fit lace capture system with hook and loop adjustability over instep
  • Non-marking rubber outsole
  • Polyester webbed upper with KEEN toe protection

3. Exustar E-SS503

A budget friendly sandal you must check out if economy is something of a bigger priority to you. Though of course price is in proportion with the size. However it cannot be judged due to its economically lower prices as the comfort in terms of flexibility that it provides is worth applauding. Truly an awesome product with done awesome ROIs.

The upward-curved sole tip makes it an ideal choice for bike rides and also protects your toes from any damages as well. Something worth noticing. However, you might face some difficulty trekking steep places especially when on foot as the very soul might pose some problems during the same time. However, that’s debatable and overall it’s an awesome product you must check out as well.

4. Nashbar Ragster ll

It even beats the Exustar in terms of price and it’s definitely something you must give a look at. It’s a good fit for your legs and the flexibility it provides is good as well. Also it protects your toes from any damages beard on how the sole is designed do it’s another point worth appreciating.

However several people have given several opinions with done saying that it’s not too flexible while walking while some said it’s just so good. Sobi believes once again that here comes the individual perception and the best thing you can do is to try it out and analyze how it suits your feet on a personal level.


1. Which one of the cycling sandals are the best?

All of them are good in their respective ways so the best thing is to check them all at your convenience.

2. Why do people buy cycling sandals?

Cycling sandals are designed for proper comfort and ventilation coupled with the required durability you should have for your long tours.

3. Do we need to wear socks in sandals?

No. there is no need to wear any kind of socks while using cycling sandals

4. Are cycling sandals all weather proof?

Yes, Cycling Sandals can be used in all weather conditions including snow.


So these were some of the best cycling sandals you must give a check before choosing the one most appropriate for you. However as mentioned before, you must see whether they tick all the points in the checklist which includes durability, flexibility, ventilation, resistance, price, etc. You must think about it carefully before making your choice. Different travelers with different sets of plans will need a different pair of sandals. So based on that make your choice. You can also check out for more cycle-related product reviews here.

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